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There are many such vivid people in the hotel: couples of young men and women, couples of married people who are in the lock-up, couples of the prize, prostitutes and those who dance with their customers. One of the most popular urban areas of Japanese society is use, for example, in love hotels. We are talking about an incident that happened with someone who is 14 years old and above, girls of younger age, along with adults, just for money and maybe to be able to buy fashionable clothes and stuff. All this is easy and safe, because the hotel is 100% safe. There is no need to submit any documents, nor will you show them to anyone, because the number is selected through automatic machines. 

What are Japanese hotel rooms like?

All the rooms are double in the morning and very huge in the morning. Next to them is a bathroom with several bathroom amenities, which often include several women’s skin care products. In most of the rooms there are porn channels, the distributors of condoms and various sex toys are also paid. There are rooms of all kinds, often very “sunny”, more or less luxurious and designed to satisfy any kind of absurd creature. Just to give a few examples: whirlpool tubs, vibrating beds, human-like beds, bed accessories, vibrators, mirrors on the couch, rented sexy clothes.

But few of the rooms in a love hotel are equip with any kind of entertainment, this is because they are used only for social interaction, but many couples often come here who want to spend a nice evening together. In some rooms, there is karaoke, breakfast and dinner, huge television with Pay-Tv, or even a PlayStation and a gem console like Wii included.

Love Hotels at a glance

Find those places: There are few hotels in almost all cities. There is also a special area in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka where dozens of hotels are focus on the closeness of each other, the closeness of night life or the red milk city of Amateur.

Price Range: Depending on the area and star of the room, prices range from ₹5000 for a basic room to ₹12-15000 for a room filled with different luxuries or specifications. It has rained.

Pros: Very centrally located rooms with the possibility of sleeping in and at a lower price than a normal hotel. But still quite spacious and very well furnished with star comfort; This has been a very entertaining travel experience.

Cons: With some exceptions, you can occupy the room only in the evening and leave it the next morning. You can continuously stay there all night long. Apart from this, looking at the appearance of the place, it is not unusual to suddenly see the people you do not want to see (prostitutes, old men with young girls, and so on).

Recommended for: People traveling as a couple for a night of excitement and laughter, or people who have impressed a local boy or girl and want to spend a night at a similar place Which is much larger than a normal hotel room.

Not for them: For people who do not travel as a couple and cannot charm anyone on the spot.


Q1. Are love hotels legal in Japan?

Ans. Love hotels are totally legal in Japan.

Q2. Are love hotels soundproof?

Ans. yes.

Q3. Do love hotels have cameras?

Ans. Yes.

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