Ninja Train

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Ninja Train

In my prefecture, the ninja’s hometown has come in the form of Iga. I am waiting for this, this is the place where you will meet my relation. These historical railways are more than 100 years old, and, when you travel through the ancient philosophy of ancient Japan, you can enjoy the ninja trains, the designs of which you will find only in the field. It is not only a means of transportation, but the relive itself is one of the must-see places of the region. Come let’s take a closer look at the Ninja Train’s architecture today. This is a ninja train which has a kunoichi (female ninja) design on its outer part. The train is design by renew manga and anime creator Reiji Matsumoto for the Galaxy Express 999 and features the likes of Ninja, Train, Manga and Anime creators.

Traveling on a ninja train

Transfers are easy as Kintetsu Train Iga-Kambe Station and Iga Railway Iga-Kambe Station are within the same station building. We found a ninja on a pillar on the platform! When we saw that we had hidden the vehicle, we laughed without any reason. This is an amazing trick that will definitely entertain both children and adults while traveling on the plane. I am very concern about the advice on buying the paas ticket; The fare for adults is only 720 yen and for children it is 360 yen. These paas can be bought at yono, kayamaache and every station. This is a large part that makes it easy to travel between 14 stations on the Iga railway line in one day.

Lots of tricks in the interior too

There are two stars in the interior, and now we will show you some things that we have seen during our journey in the ninja train. However, please keep in mind, the interior of the newest train, and the green ninja train are completely different. Along the side of the train you can see a stone path, which reminds you of the ancient scenes where the ninja ran stealthily. In addition to the hidden ninja, there are also the characters who can throw or throw arrows or have design curtains and ramps. And the wheeler has been created which looks like this after being shot or locked.

Ninja Train

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Q1. Which is the fastest train in Korea?

Ans. KTX train.

Q2. IS there any bullet train in Korea?

Ans. Yes, the KTX train is also known as the bullet train in Korea.

Q3. Which is the most expensive train?

Ans. Maharajas Express.

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