Railway company to require employees to pass a smile test in Japan

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Tokyo is the most closely related station in the world. But now technology can make the travelers perform their duties or give them the promise of a friendly welcome, no matter how many they say, why not?

What was the purpose of this test?

Computerized smile scanner helped in calculating the optimum curvature of lips. Words of praise are sent to those who get less marks, such as, you appear to be very serious. The idea was to keep your computer-approved smile on throughout the day. Although the railway company says that the smile scan system was not mandatory, all the employees of the station have used it. By now the campaign’s leadership had already installed smile scanners at 15 train stations, leaving little space for the angry workers to stick around.

Purpose of launching the smile test scanner

He helped us by smilingly talking to the passengers. “I find that a smile makes life seem more relaxed,” said Endo, whose work included helping lost customers on the railway company to find their way and dealing with ticket-related accidents. It used the software at 15 of its 72 stations, focusing on the busiest locations.

They broke into a broad smile and the computer happily returned the result, which gave him a score of 70. The company has put this system in place to help employees see their unique smile before going in front of customers. The test is optional, but at a major station like Shinagava. The 250,000 people passing through each day and a happy face can last a long time.

Taichi Takahashi, who worked as a public relations officer for the train operators, says that it gave the workers a chance to test themselves before going to work. He said, “I don’t think we’ve had more time to look at your faces up close and to examine your facial expressions.”

How did the smile test scanner work?

Do you remember that gender identity tradition that we saw in Communicable Asia in Singapore? Well, a few years ago the Japanese people had a more creative way of getting the software installed on a familiar face. Giving a new look to the phrase “with a smile”, some electrical examples helped you check your smile every morning. The software would detect a single smile and display an alert if the girl did not look as happy as she did.

What does the smile scanner test do? 

This device was able to detect eye movements, salivation and wrinkles on the lips. If someone’s performance gets less marks, messages like “You look very serious” or “Raise the corners of your mouth” are display on the screen. Maybe it sounds cruel. But for us it made much more sense than not having to train for the same job. Or perhaps someone’s electrical example was inspire by the ancient Chinese saying “Hide your dagger behind your smile”? I don’t want to provoke them to expose me.


Q1. Why is Japan’s railway good?

Ans. Because it is known for its punctuality.

Q2. How fast is the train in Japan?

Ans. 320 km/h.

Q3. Which is the fastest train in Japan?

Ans. Hayabusa.

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