Malaysia announces visa free entry for Indians

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Bloomberg quoted Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim as saying that Malaysia will start visa-free entry for citizens of India and China visiting the country from December 1. That is, now Indian people will not need to take a visa to go to Malaysia. Indian and Chinese citizens can stay in Malaysia without a visa for up to 30 days, Bloomberg quoted Prime Minister Anwar as saying in a speech at the annual congress of his People’s Justice Party on Sunday. 

Visa free entry started for Indians

Malaysia has become the fourth country after Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand to announce visa-free entry for Indian citizens. Bloomberg has said that Malaysia wants to rapidly expand its tourism sector to promote economic development and Indian citizens are known to travel the most all over the world, hence Malaysia is trying to attract the citizens of India and China to its tourism sector. To encourage traveling in the country.

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar last month announced plans to improve visa facilities next year to encourage the entry of tourists and investors “especially from India and China”. Earlier this month, Vietnam’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Jung called for short-term visa exemptions for major markets such as China and India to boost the recovery of the country’s tourism sector, Vietnamese news agency VnExpress reported. 

These countries also announced visa free entry for India

Malaysia has given the facility to Indian citizens to enter the country without visa for one month. This was announced by Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on Sunday. He said that citizens of India and China will get visa-free entry in Malaysia from December 1. Prime Minister Anwar said at the annual event of his People’s Justice Party in Putrajaya on Sunday that Chinese and Indian citizens can stay in Malaysia without a visa for 30 days. Malaysia is doing this to strengthen its economic position.

Talking about Thailand, last month the government here will allow visa free entry for Indian and Taiwanese citizens for 6 months from 10 November to 10 May 2024. At the same time, the Cabinet of Sri Lanka has approved issuing free visas to tourists from India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand till 31 March 2024 as a pilot project.

Know what PM Anwar Ibrahim announced

On Sunday, November 26, Anwar Ibrahim said at the annual congress of his People’s Justice Party in Putrajaya that Indian citizens can stay in Malaysia without a visa for 30 days. He further said that it will be subject to security screening. Malaysia has taken this step to promote its tourism industry. Let us tell you that most tourists from India and China come to Malaysia.

Why did Malaysia take such a decision?

Global experts believe that the country is doing this to support economic growth. The economic condition of Malaysia has not been good for some years, and in 2019, the then Muslim Prime Minister had taken such a decision against India, which had created a hindrance in the relations between the two countries. In 2019, the then government of Malaysia supported Pakistan and gave a statement against India in the UN. However, now the present Malaysian government is aware of the importance of India. Therefore, it has given priority to China and India, the two largest countries of Asia. Visa-free entry will be given to Chinese citizens as well as Indians in Malaysia. This information has been given by Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

China also paid tribute to the people of Malaysia

Last month, Anwar announced plans to reform visa processes next year to attract investors and tourists from India and China. China has also given a gift to the Malaysian people. On Friday, China said it would allow people from six countries, including Malaysia, to enter the country without visas. This facility will be applicable from 1st December and will continue till 30th November next year i.e., 2024. Tourists will be able to stay in China without a visa for 15 days.

Like Malaysia, Vietnam can also announce

Recently there has been news in the media that Vietnam can also allow tourists from India to come without a visa. Currently, people from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Finland can come to Vietnam without a visa. It is noteworthy that Thailand has recently started visa-free entry for Indian citizens.

Malaysia Visa on Arrival for Indian Citizens

There is also Visa on Arrival as another option for Malaysian visa for Indian citizens but it is for Indian citizens who are coming to Malaysia from a third country i.e., Singapore and Thailand. Once here, to be eligible for a Malaysian visa, you will need to show a valid visa of the respective countries and also need to show a return ticket to India. If you follow all these conditions then it will be better, easier and cheaper for you to get a Malaysian visa in this way.

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