6 ways to Maintain Company Culture 

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Due to deteriorating lifestyle and various pressures, the number of mentally ill people is continuously increasing across the world. This is the reason why the concept of wellness is gaining momentum in the company culture these days. According to one figure, the value of corporate wellness was $3.4 billion in the year 2015, which is expected to reach $7.4 billion by 2024. Which will be 9 percent of the gross annual growth rate in the Asia-Pacific region during this period. 

Apart from insurance cover, healthcare solution also

Indians have to work hard to maintain a balance between professional and personal life, which impacts employee performance and company production. Big corporate companies have now started understanding this very well. Perhaps this is the reason why companies are no longer hesitating to invest in employee health and wellness. Therefore, now apart from insurance cover, they are also offering the facility of healthcare solution. Now companies are committed to providing a variety of wellness solutions for body, mind and purpose. From weight loss, stress and smoking cessation to diagnostic care, the companies are taking care of it. Overall, it can be said that the objective of wellness programs is to improve the lives of employees. Here are some of the trends trending in corporate wellness.

personal care

Companies are now paying special attention to the health of their employees and providing them personal care. For this, companies are not only providing the facility to get treatment from a doctor, but are also using technology to help them reach the doctor whenever they need. Companies are keeping an eye on the different health needs of each employee through digital platforms. With its help, their current health condition, preferences and priorities are being ascertain and a wellness plan is being prepare for them.

Total Wellness

For the complete health benefits of the employees, companies are nowadays emphasizing on improving the workplace environment, so that no employee feels like a matchstick lying in a box. Here, complete recovery does not mean just physical well-being, but the entire spectrum of wellness which includes physical wellness as well as mental, emotional and financial wellness. For example, when a person is going through a financial crisis or is trouble by debts, he gradually starts becoming a victim of stress, which affects his working capacity at the workplace. His absenteeism increases and he slowly starts moving towards bad habits and diseases. Therefore, financial management is also being given important place in a complete wellness plan.

Increase in medical facilities

Many companies are now also noticing which of their employees have children or elderly dependents. In such a situation, companies keep in mind that they may face burden in the future. In such a situation, companies are increasing medical facilities for the dependents of employees. So that employees can stop worrying about their finances and their dependent families and concentrate more on the work of the company.

increase in holidays

Many global researches have confirmed that holidays play an important role in total wellness. But even today Indian employees hesitate in taking leave due to financial problems and workload. Keeping this in mind, many companies have now started showing laxity in granting leave to their employees. In view of this, it is expect that in the coming years, more companies will come forward and increase the leave of the employees to relieve the pressure on the employees. 

Improve health

Toxic work environments can harm not only productivity but also the health of your employees. Harvard Business Review reported that several studies have shown that employees at companies with high stress spend more on healthcare, miss more days of work and experience more negativity on the job. A healthy company culture can do the opposite. When your employees don’t feel overwhelmed or afraid of losing their jobs, their well-being may improve.

How, company culture is the key to success?

The whole game is not only about money but also about your behavior and the culture you create. If the company culture of your firm is positive then no one can stop your company culture from reaching the seventh heaven. As I have mentioned above, a good workplace gives good results, even if your office is not that big, but if the people working in it feel happy, then understand that your company is moving towards success.

Stress free at workplace 

Suppose today you are working in a company and you are experiencing stress, then what are the obstacles that have brought you to this situation. Many people may also say that there is too much work. But this is not a specific answer because the work is the same everywhere, no matter which firm you go to. The first reason could be that you are not doing the work as per your wish or maybe you are not getting along with your boss. Another reason could be that instead of doing your work on time, you leave it for tomorrow, due to which you are not able to get rid of stress.

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