Harry and meghan

Harry and Meghan Documentary

In the documentary, Prince Harry talked about his decision to move out of the UK. After which he met his grandmother late Queen Elizabeth, his father King Charles and his brother Prince
6 months ago
gay pride parade

How to Celebrate Gay Pride in Tokyo

The objective of Tokyo Rainbow gay Pride 2024 is to spread awareness about culture and celebrate the diversity of life and humanity. This year’s theme is “Change the Future Together”. Yoyogi Event
6 months ago
Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman Icon Dies

Introducing the concept of portable music to millions of people, Gold’s prestige-pleating voice has disappeared from store shelves in Japan. The consumer electronics company announced that it will no longer sell tape-based
6 months ago
Civil War in myanmar

Civil war in Myanmar is a threat to India

People’s anger against military rule is increasing in Myanmar. Its effect is also being seen on the border with India. The fighting between the military junta and rebels Civil war in Myanmar
6 months ago
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