Top 10 Sunday favorite books of 2024

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In today’s digital age, most people are busy with their mobile, laptop or TV, it seems that people have forgotten books. Whereas books not only provide you with information but also help in reducing stress. So, this is the right opportunity and if you have not read, then this is the time that you can read it completely. Books has all types of stories and a very rich literary heritage. Read best books here and increase your knowledge.

Jit Apki

The message of this book written by famous author Shiv Kheda is that your self-confidence will decide how you feel, how you think and what you do in your life. Achieving anything in your life is directly related to your thinking. If you think good, you will achieve only positive results in life. “Winners don’t do anything different, they do everything differently” This is the main message of this book. This book has been write in simple and humorous words. If achieving success in life is your goal, then you must read this book.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad 

The title of Rich Dad, Poor Dad is about the two main male influences that have been a part of Robert’s (author) childhood. His own father, “Poor Dad”, worked a good job to lead a happy life, while “Rich Dad” (a friend’s father) ran several businesses. The main message of the book is that you should save money and work hard to save that money. According to the author, the real key to becoming rich is not to do a job, but to do business or investment.

Chhu lo Aashman

This book is a collection of personal life stories of women from different states of India. This book is truly an inspiration for the young women of our country. Each woman’s life-changing story inspires young women to never give in and turn their weaknesses into strengths to achieve success. Simple words have been use in the book and all the stories are short and to the point. Some stories will inspire you while some stories will surprise you. Do read this wonderful book by Rashmi Bansal.

Vitamin Zindagi

Vitamin Zindagi is a memoir written by Lalit Kumar. This is the story of the inspiring journey of a polio survivor, the obstacles in his life and his success. The author has divided the book into three parts – falling, recovering and flying. This book will teach you compassion and self-love. This story will keep you captivated from the first page to the last page of the book and will make you feel inspired and motivated in the end.

Snayashi jisne apni sampatti bech di

As the subtitle states, it is a fable, and an article that will definitely help you transform your life, your goals, and daily habits to reach your dreams. This book is about Julian Mantle, a high-profile lawyer who is struggling with a spiritual crisis due to his out of balance life. The story is told from the point of view of one of his colleagues, who admires Mantle’s great success and aspires to be like him. This book inspires us to think good thoughts, follow our life goals, bring self-discipline in life, value our time and give importance to relationships.

The magic of big thinking

As the book title says, this book will tell you about thinking big and its benefits. The author believes that any person can bring positive changes in his life through self-improvement. We make different excuses for not achieving success in our life – bad health, young age, old age, bad luck etc. The author has named this habit as Bahanacytis disease and has given excellent tips to get rid of it. If you are looking for an inspirational book to take your life on the right path and achieve success, then definitely read this book.

Inner Engineering 

Inner Engineering is a very fascinating book, written based on Sadhguru’s own experiences. According to this book, if you are ready. It acts as a tool to help you awaken your inner intelligence, mind and supreme talent and reveal the knowledge of the universe. Actually, it provides you inner strength and gives you internal energy. It has the experience of revolution, vision, mystery and spirituality which will completely change the way you look at this world.

Zero to One

Peter Thiel, the author of this book, is an Entrepreneur, Venture capitalist or Co-founder of PayPal. Which is the best Online Money Transfer System in the world today. He believes that if you want to do something big then it should be equally different. You cannot become more successful by doing the same things. If you do not do anything new and just do the same things. Then you are moving from One to N, which is called Horizontal Progress. Whereas if you bring something completely new then you are going from Zero to One which is called Vertical Progress. Where there are unlimited possibilities.

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