5 Most Provocative Love Hotel Rooms Ever

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provocative love hotels

Whether you are prepared to make the extra effort or not, there is no denying the fact that hotel rooms always seem to encourage such relationships. Throwing yourself into a different environment ignites that physical desire and encourages you to have sex more suited to your environment. And whether you’re swimming on a sultry beach, in a moody desert, or staying in a hotel, it’s almost impossible to jump into the sack because of this act that makes it so wide open. From a sexy boutique escape in NYC to a romantic getaway in Tanzania, these 5 hot hotels are guaranteed to give you a great night. Today in this article, we are going to talk about 5 most provocative love hotel rooms ever.

Gramercy Park Hotel, NYC

Hollywood’s biggest playboy has created a ruckus in the historic Gramercy Park Hotel. Humphrey Bogart married his first wife at a hotel. Joseph Kennedy lived in 1938 (he began his marital relationship with Marleen Dietrich, who was born in Silver Screen). And the Rolling Stones checked in after completing their first American tour. Give your lady a royal treat by requesting the key to the sacred grounds of Gramercy Park (there is only one). Which is exclusively available to hotel guests. 

Alila Villas, Bali

Overlooking Bali’s most spectacular cliff-top beaches, stay at the Alila Villas Uluwatu hotel. An ideal destination for those who like to combine love with nature. Each air-filled villa has a private infinity pool. Views of the Dramatic Indian Ocean and is adorn with stunning rattan and woodwork that never fails to match the beauty of the natural surroundings. During your stay you’ll be treat to a 24-hour private bathroom that will cater to you and your companion’s every need. Whether that means a relaxing massage in the spa alley or a relaxing night at the cliff’s edge. For a true blend of romance and romance, go from the jungle to the hot sea of ​​Uluwatu, to the temple where bare chested Indonesian men dance in the mesmerizing dance of Kecak fire.

Calistoga Ranch, Napa

The luxurious Calistoga Ranch is renown for its wild mountain setting and rustic cottage appeal. And being just 10 minutes away from the city, the 60 feet high oak trees. Which thunder every now and then, and the freestanding lodges surrounded by dark stones, give the feeling of being a door to the world. 

The Standard, Downtown LA

To say standard Downtown fills this strange niche, it would not be an exaggeration. Play as more than just a mirror in the selected guest bathrooms. Where you’ll find a giant (five feet long and ten feet high) black pair, made of foam and rubber, and designed to serve as a stand-in for the bed. Go into the pool on chat for stunning skyline and leave-little-to-the-imagination hemlines. So, for a romantic afternoon of fun in the sunshine, go to the pond near the shore of the pool.

The Standard, High Line, NYC

What is the standard of hotel accommodation in New York? There is an app for him. There is no seriousness. The “one-night stand” allows for direct bookings into the 18-floor meatpacking district hotel, where performers drop their underwear on the hour. And perform peep-show style performances for passers-by.


Q1. What is a Japanese love hotel?

Ans. Provide couples with a room so they can spend some quality time together.

Q2. Can foreigners use love hotels in Japan?

Ans. Yes.

Q3. How cheap are love hotels in Japan?

Ans. $40 to $300 per night.

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