What is a maid café?

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maid café

Since its launch in 2004, @home is currently marking its 15th birthday. This study has played a vital role in developing the culture of Japan. For example, in 2005, the use of “mo” which was coined by a couple with a coin made from nanotechnology, was popular as one of the top trending words in Japan that year. Apart from this, due to his high-quality values, attention to detail and his practice of welcoming foreign guests, he became the subject of media attention both in the country and abroad. In 2015.

Trip editors recognized him as a pioneer. And in this story, how can any slave separate himself, not only for the sake of his food and the star of his travelogue, but also how can the slave refuse to participate in the rituals organize by him, which is partly (or Always active) is kept at work. Servant workers throw feathers in the streets, which they feel cheapens the experience of being a slave and is not friendly to the environment because feathers are often throw on the streets.

Rules of maid café 

In the café, the maid and the customer can enjoy interesting communication, but there are such rules which everyone should know about. For example, on restaurant grounds, there are rules like “do not solicit servants” or “do not ask for personal contact.” 

In addition, there are rules against taking photographs inside restaurants during the summer season. If you want to take a picture with a maid, you will have to check your request. In some cases, if you want to take a photo of your food, you will have to tell us what you are doing and they will check your photo.

Fees of maid café 

You don’t charge just for food. Some charge entry fees and/or charge by the hour. However, those tickets are not expensive, and they are price at a regular rate at the time of purchase. The bill per month will be around 2000 yen. However, if you use additional services like check, your bill could be a little more than 3000 yen.

Service at maid café 

Some have provided no other services except food; For example, there’s a picture of yourself called “cheki” that you can take with one of the following using the instant camera. Often some people give the shape of a heart like a banana along with a student. Apart from this, in some cases, you can make your servants hold spoons for you, etc. to play games with you.

The future of maid café 

Maid cafés have been accept into Japanese pop culture. But the number of people who cook them has become a matter of concern. Apart from this, there are many types of restaurants as mentioned in the introduction and the market for such is more or less saturated. If you walk into a grocery store. You will see many women trying to get customers to come to their café.


Q1. When a maid café was established?

Ans. 2004.

Q2. How old are the girls at the maid café?

Ans. Around 18 to 20 years.

Q3. How popular are maid cafes?

Ans. Maid cafes have always been popular in Japanese pop culture.

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