Samurai robot waiters in Thailand

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samurai robots

This samurai robot works at “Hajime“, a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, which opened a few years ago. This robot was made by the Japanese company Yasukaava electrical corporation. The owner of the restaurant had brought a robot to take the form of a server. He not only does it for himself but also makes people dance along with the song! What an entertainer he was! The restaurant serves Japanese BBQ, shabu-shabu, and sashimi. It should be fun to feed and watch the entertainer.

Trend Themes of the restaurants in Thailand

Robot Waiters – The implementation of robot waiters in restaurants presents an opportunity for automation and a better customer experience. Robot waiters are often able to greet customers with screens that simulate faces. There are three hot spots on the robot veteran’s share. Often, a staff member loads food onto the waiter, and customers take their own food.

Samurai Robots – At a shabu-shabu/BBQ restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, in Hajime, orders are placed through a protective touch screen and food is served by a robot. But not just any robot! A robot dressed as a samurai who makes noises during daylight hours to entertain guests. It also purifies the plate.

How do these robot waiters make restaurants unique?

The robot played a song that was entertaining and motivating. They were surprised that it was faster to deploy the mechanism, but the robot did a good job. They liked the interior of the restaurant, had installed another robot in the same room where he was preparing and if the vehicle was going to show more people to him. After the show, the robot brings appetizers. After this the problem started because the tray had to be remove. The workers were paying attention to the food, so when the time came to give the robot our food, it got confused and could not keep it in the right way. Then the workers approved it, but the effect of the robot serving the dinner was kind of ruined.

What is Hajime robot restaurant and where is the branch located in Thailand?

Hajime robot restaurant is a unique dining experience located in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a robot-themed restaurant with robot servers and robot artists. This restaurant is located in the Siam Square area of ​​Bangkok.

Main attractions of the Hajime Robot Restaurant

The main attraction of Hajime Robot Restaurant is the robot-theme available and the robotic server and art. The design of the restaurant is futuristic and includes robots in various roles ranging from the doctor to the entertainer. Robotics is the main attraction of the show.

Foods That Hajime Robot Restaurant Serves

This robot restaurant serves various types of Thai and Japanese dishes including sushi, curry and many traditional dishes. There is a detailed list of drinks available including alcohol and non-alcohol alternatives.

Be aware of dress codes or other rules when visiting Hajime Robot restaurants

There is no dress code in the robot restaurant, but this is a semi-formal restaurant and such formal or formal attire is not appropriate. Visitors should be aware that robots are not toys and should not be played with or chewed on.


Q1. Which company makes Robot waiters?

Ans. Bear Robotics.

Q2. When did Robot waiters start?

Ans. 1983.

Q3. Which countries have robot waiters?

Ans. China, Japan and South Korea.

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