Love Plus, a new dating sim.

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Love Plus was a dating sim developed and published by Konami for the Nintendo DS handheld Video Game console. It was released in Japan in 2009. Which was followed by several updates and sequels, including an update for iOS in 2011. It has not been released outside Japan. 

Purpose of new dating sim Love Plus

Dating sim is a big thing in Japan, but it is see as a joke in the West. Maybe playing a role as a character isn’t “good” when the objective of the game is to win whose heart instead of waging a war or killing an enemy? But if you have ever played dating sims before, you will know that they can be very fun. Japan’s ever popular dating sim has shrink, the place and local memorials are soon set to bring new games, so now it’s time to start dipping your toes in the dating sim world. A few men have come to know that their wives have been complaining about it publicly – a husband sleeps with a large plate next to his pillow, and takes his apparent move to the bathroom with him.

Characters of love plus

Player: The dear children of the second year of this school have been give permanent residence in this school. Soon after, he became involved in part-time jobs at the library committee, the tennis club, and a family restaurant. They are the only pieces that players can name in the game, and they can be use to reference the first person in the form of ore or boku (“boku” and “ore” are both common names for “ore”, as in “ore”). “The less humble are the two.” In the Love plus Rinko Dez Manga, his name is Wataru.

Manake Takane: She is a second-year student of the school who goes to the same tennis club with Protagonist after school. She comes from a good family and lives a dependent life, with no experience of eating burgers, going out with her friends after club, or watching television like many “normal” girls do. Her friends are staying away from his poor behaviour, this is the reason why she has few friends.

Rinko Kobayakawe: There is a school first year boy whose protagonist joins after being force to join the library committee. There are always earphones install and their behaviour is such that people stay away from them. Rinko’s behaviour after her father’s remarriage, after bringing a new mother and younger brother into the house, is mean to make her feel isolated and unloved in the house. As Rinko described, “Whenever the cow comes to the house, the atmosphere becomes chaotic.” She roams around the streets after school, a lover saves her from going back home and likes to use Punk Rock and Fighting Games.

Nene Anegasaki: She is a third-year student of the school who works as a part-time worker in a family restaurant, where the protagonist joins her. She is a big dependable sister whom anyone asks for help. She has a mole below her right eye and she likes house work and horror movies.


Q1. Who developed Love Plus dating sim?

Ans. Konami.

Q2. Why was Love Plus dating sim developed?

Ans. For the Nintendo DS handheld video game console.

Q3. When was love plus dating sim released?

Ans. 2009.

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