The Only Thing I’m Gonna Say About Foreigner Crime File

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This thing is called Gaijin Hanzai Ura Faiyaru, or, what is called the Foreigner and Ground Crime File. Originally, the magazine was created in Japan as an attempt to bridge the gap between gaijin and Japanese people, because there are many problems and doubts between the two peoples. The magazine will be created by Japanese and will make people talk about Gaijin’s parenthood. By the way, the few emails I have received have made me feel terrible – and that includes threatening my life. I have to admit that, although it is the practice that the teacher has done, it has surprised me, but not the underlying feelings.

“Gaijin crime” case stages

The remaining part of this book is devote to telling graphic stories. The next section (pages 49-59) begins with the title “alien criminal order 10”. Each gets a full list. Hundreds of thousands have been murder. After this, North Korea gets its rights, even if it is in the peon, making the case that “for the sake of depth, it is difficult to understand”. This section ends with a screw on page 64. 

Why does this case matter?

This has never happened before. Non-Japanese accommodation is often criticize as insulting, unfair, or even frowned upon in the mainstream society – every now and then; mistake on TV (which ended with me apologizing for the comment a decade later); 2003 “Tamachan” sealion residence certificate demo; 2002 NTT DoCoMo “Gaijin deposit” Boycott (which ended with NTT repealing the tariff by 2006), Mandom “Rastafarian monkey” AD campaign, In 2002 “foreign crimes” notices and posters, anti-discrimination lawsuits such as the Ana Bortz, Steve McGowan, And those cases and any other cases are write on the website.

Reaction on this case

On 31 January, Gaijin Hanzai went on sale in Kinokuniya and Amazon in neighbourhood convenience stores and high-end bookstores across the country, including Japan. According to the Japanese Times (23 February), 30,000 copies were create, almost half of which were born in Japan on the basis of the three basic convenience stores of the family.

Reaction immediately. On January 31, an Internet blogger named Steve scanned and translated the controversial articles. Then posted them on several Internet mailing lists. Soon there will be many blogs and bulletin boards related to foreign crime file (including Japanese Prob, Big Dekon, Trans-Pacific Radio, Mutant Frog, Gaijin Pot, Ikeld, Joi Ito, Ejovi, Fukumimi, Japanjin, Japundit, ESLCafe, and


Gaijin Hanzai is worthy of being consider as a “hateful speech” in the thoughts of some people. Because it has tried to encourage a whole section of the population of Jaipur – “Gaijin ” – through these and horribly worn out forms. Not only were they chosen to perform the ritual of disguising themselves, but they were also not mean to be a part of the viewers. The goal is not to make a single person a single parameter, or to make someone feel comfortable in doing something about it. 


Q1. What is Gaijin in Japan?

Ans. A foreigner in Japan.

Q2. Is the Yakuza still active in Japan?

Ans. Yes, Yakuza is still active in Japan.

Q3. Who is the current Yakuza boss?

Ans. Kenichi Shinoda.

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