Israel Hamas War Update: “Circle of Death” around Al-Shifa Hospital

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unprecedented attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip,

Israel-Hamas war? The Israeli army has captured the surroundings of Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital, which the doctors of the hospital are calling the ‘Circle of Death’. According to a Reuters report, the Israeli army on Monday surrounded Al Shifa Hospital, considered the lifeline of Gaza. This siege was under the aim of the Israeli army to capture northern Gaza. According to WHO, about 1,500 people had taken shelter in Al Shifa. On November 12 there were 600 to 650 patients in the hospital. At the same time, 200 to 500 employees and about 1,500 refugees are present. 11,240 people have died due to Israeli attacks in Gaza. This includes 4630 children. Several days after the attack on Gaza, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant has claimed that Hamas has lost control of Gaza. According to an AFP report, the Israeli Defense Minister said, “Hamas has now lost control over the strip of Gaza which it had occupied for 16 years. Hamas’s terrorists are fleeing towards the south.”

Bad news coming from Al-Shifa Hospital

Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, has been the center of war for some days. Israel is being accused of attacking this hospital. However, the Israeli army has claimed that it is targeting Hamas’s fighters around the hospital. The army has claimed that Hamas is running its command center under the hospital. According to the information of the World Health Organization, three nurses of the hospital have died due to the Israeli attack. According to information from the Health Ministry of Hamas, 6 premature babies died due to the attack on Al Shifa Hospital. The Health Ministry has said that the reason behind the death of children was a lack of fuel and electricity. This decrease has happened due to Israeli attacks.

How many people are trapped in Al Shifa?

According to the information given by the Health Ministry of Hamas, there are at least 2300 people inside the hospital. There are 650 patients among them. There are between 200 and 500 hospital employees, while 1500 displaced people have taken shelter in the hospital itself. There are also about 30 newborn children in the hospital. Newborn babies have attracted attention around the world. Doctors at Al Shifa Hospital have appealed to take the newborn babies to Egypt so that they can be treated.

Hospitals should be safe

22 people were killed in the recent attack on Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital. The Israeli army has ordered the evacuation of the hospital but hundreds of people are still trapped there. The hospital administration says that if fuel is not arranged soon for the hospital’s generator, many people, including many newborn children, may die due to lack of treatment. Now America has also protested against the attack on the hospital.

A surgeon from Doctors Without Borders, a medical charity organization, said hundreds of people are trapped in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital and forced to live in inhumane conditions. Israel alleges that `Hamas’s terrorists have made their hideouts in Al Shifa Hospital. Whereas Hamas denies these allegations. The United Nations has also strongly condemned the attack on Al Shifa Hospital. The World Health Organization says that about 2,300 patients, health workers, and refugees are living in Al Shifa Hospital.

Hamas’s top commander killed

The Israeli army has claimed to have killed a top Hamas commander in an air strike. It is being told that the killed Hamas commander is Ahmed Siam, who was holding about 1000 people hostage in a hospital in Gaza. The Israeli Army says that Siam was not allowing civilians and patients to leave the hospital. The Israeli army said that Siam was camped in Rantisi Hospital in Gaza and that he was attacking civilians present in the hospital.

Siam was the commander of Hamas’s Nasser Radwan Company. The Israeli Army said that Siam is also an example of the fact that Hamas is using civilians as human shields for its terrorist plans. At present, Siam was hiding in Gaza’s Al Buraq School along with many of his colleagues, when Israeli Army fighter jets targeted that school and killed Siam. Israel’s internal intelligence agency Shin Bet had received information about Siam’s whereabouts.

Hamas has taken a nine-month-old child hostage

The Israeli Army has said that a nine-month-old child was also included among the more than 200 people taken hostage by Hamas’s terrorists on October 7. The Israeli Army said that the name of this child is Kafir Bibas and when he was abducted by Hamas’s terrorists, he was 9 months old. Now he is 10 months old and is still in the captivity of Hamas. The Israeli army said that Hamas has also taken Kafir’s elder brother and his parents hostage.

Israel’s Foreign Minister will meet the Chief of the World Health Organization

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen will leave for Switzerland on Tuesday. In Switzerland, the Israeli Foreign Minister will meet the President of the Red Cross and the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Gabrisius. Cohen will also inform ambassadors of various countries about efforts to rescue people held hostage by Hamas.

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