Safe Sex Practices: How to Protect Yourself from STIs

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safe sex practices

Today, let’s talk about something that is as crucial for us as it is for our partners. Safe sex practices. Conversations on this topic always get serious, but that is not a reason to avoid it altogether. Your sexual health is an important thing to all of us. So, we have decided to make this conversion as friendly and casual as possible. Don’t be afraid because we are your sexual health BFF from now on.

Why Should You Care About Safe Sex?

Sex is an amazing thing, there is no doubt about It. But staying healthy is another thing. If you enjoy sex so much that does not mean that you have to deal with the drama of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). So, let’s talk about how we can enjoy the good times while at the same time not worrying about unwanted surprises.

The ABCs Of Safe Sex

1. Always Use Protection

Condoms are your trustworthy weapons in the battle against STIs. Condoms are always there to act like the superheroes of safe sex and save you from trouble. You can use Kamagra 100mg oral jelly. You can use flavored condoms or glowing-the-dark condoms, there is a condom for everyone. So, take some with you when you are going to get laid and stay away from annoying guests.

2. Be Open About Testing

Netflix and chill is a good thing, but don’t share your STI like you share your favorite Netflix shows. Have open communication with your companion about STI testing histories. You should go to regular STI check-ups because those are important to your sexual health as it is important to get your car serviced regularly. It helps keep everything smooth. Also, STI tests are an opportunity for a celebration when you two come out clean.

3. Communication is Key

Safe sex communication is not exactly pillow talk material. But since communication is key to a lot of things, it also includes a wholesome sex life. You can use a product named Kamagra Gold 100mg for better results. You should not be afraid to talk about your boundaries, your preferences, and your past experiences with STIs, if any. Talking about these things will be awkward at first, but it will also help you clear the air about STIs and safe sex. We are saying this because a little awkward conversation is way better than having to deal with STDs.

The Mythbusters: Debunking Condom Myths

There are some common myths about condoms that we all wonder about once in a while. Let’s find out how they are not true.

1. One Condom Is Enough

FYI, no they are not. Use only one condom for each round of sex. Reusing condoms is a big fat no.

2. Condoms Kill The Mood

This phrase was invented by guys which is not true. If you feel like opening a condom wrapper is an interruption, then make it a part of your foreplay. Think of condoms as unwrapping a delicious packet of biscuits.

3. Condoms Are One Size-Fits All

There are different shapes and sizes of condoms. But until you find the one that fits you, you will have to keep searching. Finding the perfect condom is like finding the perfect pair of jeans, but it is way more important.

The Safer Sex Checklist

Let’s wrap this up with a checklist for safer sex:

1. Condoms: you cannot have too many condoms when you are sexually active.

2. STI-check ups: Make your STI checkups a regular thing to do on Sundays of every month or 6 months.

3. Communication: Talking about safe sex does not matter how awkward it gets. Talking about safe sex is not an option. It is mandatory.

4. Know your status: Ignorance is not bliss in this case. Get tested and know your status.

5. Educate yourself: Keep yourself updated about STIs, the latest trends, the symptoms, and prevention methods. As long as you have wisdom, you are the winner.  

In Conclusion

Let’s make safe sex a priority because we are all in this together. Your partner’s health is connected with yours. So, if you want to keep the good times going, keep the love alive, keep  STIs far away from your lives. Here is to a healthy and safe sex life 🥂.

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