Jokes Funny friendship quotes in Hindi: What happens in friendship some times

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Funny friendship quotes in Hindi
Funny friendship quotes in Hindi

Laughing and joking with friends goes on every day, but if you are also looking for some funny friendship quotes in Hindi for your friends, then you will get to see very funny Friendship jokes in Hindi in this post. You will have a lot of fun reading them. And those to whom you send it will also enjoy it a lot. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in the world. Friendship is a relationship which is maintained without selfishness. There are some very special friends in the life of every person with whom we can share everything about us which we cannot do even with our family members. There are only friends who support us in every happiness and sorrow.

Some Funny friendship quotes in Hindi

  1. Achhe dost ko ruthane pe,

hamesha manana chahiye,

Kyuki wo kanina hamare,

Saare raj janta hai.

  1. Dosto se problems hamesha share karni chahiye,

Kyuki wo apko aise solutions dete hai,

Jisse aap problem hi bhul jate hai.

  1. Ae dost hamari dosti inti gehri ho,

Jo tumhari GF ho wahi meri v GF ho

  1. Khuda ne mujhe itne wafadar dosto se nawaja hai,

Mai yaad na karu to kosis wo v nhi karte.

  1. Sacha dost milna bahut mushkil hai,

Mai toh khud hi hairan hu,

Tune mujhe dhundh kaise liya.

  1. Yeh dosti nhi aashan bas itna samjh ligiye,

Bezatti ka dariya hai galiya sunte jana hai.

  1. Phoolo ka taro ka,

Sbka kahna hai,

Mera dost pagal,

Aur use pagal hi rahna hai.

  1. Bhagwan ka diya kuch v nhi hai,

Na Daulat na shaurat aur na hi setting,

Ek dost tha usne v ladki milte hi,

Muh pher liya.

  1. Maine apne dost se pucha ek pal me jan kaise nikalti hai,

Usne turant mera phon lekar jameen pe zor se gira diya.

  1. Yeh dost har khusi teri taraf moe du,

Tere liye chand tare tak tor du,

Khusiyo ke darwaze tere liye khol du,

Itna kaafi hai yaa do char jhuth aur bol du.

Funny friendship question and answer

  • Which is the fruit which, despite being sweet, is not sold in the market?

Ans. Fruit of patience 

  • Virat asked Jadeja for Pepsi but Jadeja went to Rohit and gave Pepsi first. Tell why this is so?

Ans. Because Rohit is an opener.

  • Where was the world’s first potato found?

Ans. The world’s first potato was found underground

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