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Sony Walkman

Introducing the concept of portable music to millions of people, Gold’s prestige-pleating voice has disappeared from store shelves in Japan. The consumer electronics company announced that it will no longer sell tape-based players in Japan, where it will only be available as long as supplies last. Sony, which had previously stopped selling devices in the US, started shipping to Japanese retailers this spring. However, the Walkman, which was first introduced in 1979, will not completely disappear from the world market of portable musical players. According to the Associated Press, Sony has sold the rights to the Walkman name to a Chinese manufacturer, which will continue selling the device in foreign markets, including the US.

What are the facts about the Walkman?

It was the first time that the Sony Walkman – the first portable, new music playing device in the true form – came into the market and is in the process of creating a huge number of such devices that interact with the world and its sound. The method of doing so was permanently changed. Here are some high-volume numbers to mark 40 years since the first model—the Walkman TPS-L2—was introduced on July 1, 1979. 50,000 units have been sold in the first two months after launch. 

What killed the Sony Walkman?

Sony retired the classic Cassette tape recorder in 2010, and forced Andreas Paul, the original inventor of the portable Cassette player, to pay a large sum. But this name continues to exist today in the form of a new MP3 player and audio player app. The glory days of Walkman are almost over, today’s children are shocked and disheartened by the lack of understanding of what they are doing. But the trend that has arisen – to sing wherever and whenever you want – has never been better. But the dominance of portable music players in the market came to an end due to the mistakes of many people who were unable to integrate the technology with the convenience of using portable music and desktop software. An evil dragon gave way to the iPod. In fact, it couldn’t be more understandable that the Walkman is going to die on the iPod’s anniversary.

What replaced the Walkman?

The compact disc (CD) replaced the Walkman. Even though it is a bit heavy and uncomfortable while travelling, still this mobile phone improves the sound of the song and you can hear it while singing. Once again, Japanese-based companies were the first to bring their product to market, consistently outperforming their competitors. Sony Discman appeared in November 1984. In the early 2010s, with the advent of audio and digital download streaming, the use of CDs began to decline. I was able to walk on the street and listen to the song that I chose and the one that I liked. The MP3 followed as a small handheld device that allowed people to store music files in the MP3 format. Its market presence declined and sales declined in the early 1990s. 


Q1. What killed the sony walkman?

Ans. Compact CD and ipods.

Q2. Is the Sony walkman still alive?

Ans. Yes it is still alive.

Q3. What is the Sony walkman used for?

Ans. For listening to music.

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