I Survived a Japanese Game Show

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I survived

In this tournament, 10 domestic Americans are select to compete in a televised game show. They don’t realize that the gem they are competing for is actually in Japan. A strange Japanese organization organized by Rome sends contestants to Tokyo to compete in the majide (or “seriously?”) in English.

What were the challenges in the show?

 On reaching the spot, the contestants are divide into two teams and made to face challenges to win the award. The zine challenge involved the contestants eating food from their partner’s head while running on a treadmill and carrying a large, mud-filled egg using only their hindquarters.

What prizes were given for winning?

Prizes for the winners include a global tour of Tokyo, spa treatments, or the new Noodle Banana Path. To pull the rickshaw of the dead people, to make them work in the arch, or to participate in such “decorations” as the claims. Two competitors will have to be select to make the losing team compete against each other in the elimination round.

Seasons of I Survived a Japanese Game Show

This Japanese game show is an award-winning American reality show. An American boy from all over the United States comes to Japan and competes in a Japanese-style game show. He wins 250,000 US dollars and gets the honour of saying “I survived a Japanese gem show”. In the first 7 episodes of season 1, I was thrill to see the main contestants competing in extremely difficult challenges, which made me nervous. Asian viewers have been familiar with these Japanese style games for a long time. In Hong Kong, various shows such as the “Super Trio series”, which started in 1995, have gained widespread popularity for their silly tricks.

Storyline of the series

It’s not just a game that proves its eternal bliss, but also a humorous aid-on that comes along with-its children of various animals like cartoon characters, sound effects that seem to be lift from the preschool alphabet, excitement and hysteria.  There is definitely a host which seems to relegate or push the mission practitioners. Rumours have it that the King has already been considering launching the “Japanese Game Show” episode, which is a new way of sending people who have just died into the great beyond, but officials have Which would be understand as cruel and unusual punishment. Fortunately, those who are not in the log band can avoid the devastating effects by using the remote.


The Japanese Gem Show was a reality show that ran on the popular network from 2008 to 2009. It tells the story of an American soul who travels to Japan to experience the most challenging experience man has ever experienced, competing in a Japanese game show known as Majide. Today is a gem where Americans are full of pride, they are full of pride and the pride of pride is there. The winning team of one game gets the traditional reward, while the other team only gets the traditional reward. The last American left alive today gets a chance to win 250,000 dollars or 25 million yen.


Q1. How many seasons of I survived a Japanese game show are there?

Ans. 2. 

Q2. When did the series start?

Ans. 2010

Q3. Is I Survive based on a true story?

Ans. It is based on historical fiction.

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