Death of Nagi Noda, a supremely talented Japanese pop artist.

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Nagi Noda, a charming, weird and wonderful multimedia artist, has passed away. In 2004, a viral video of Noda in which she dressed like a poodle-person and did aerobics with a pair of poodle-like people. The way he came was strange and amazing and beautiful. Nagi Noda, talented, internationally renowned artist and director, who has established a high fashion society with her own unique art based on the international art world.

Who was Nagi Noda?

Noda was born in Tokyo in 1973. Before setting up his own studio in 2003, he studied in some of the best art schools in the city. Since then, she has done ads for Nike and Coca-Cola, made album covers and song videos for artists ranging from Hikaru Udata to Scissor Sisters and created a whole collection of art-like videos. In America, she was introduced by the British Broadcasting Corporation and he became famous for being very funny in his time in Paris. One of his unique, timeless compositions was the cover of a Japanese singer’s upcoming album, which came out on 9/17.

She has directed several music videos for artists and created tutorials for companies like Nike and Laforet. Her work as an artist includes Hanpanda, a series of more than 100 statues depicting a creature that is half panda and half any animal.

Nagi Noda work

She worked well as an independent art director and an artist and fashion designer. He made a short film for the campaign and training for Nike and Laforet. Noda also made her own art. Noda’s work is defined by the creator and creator, who creates a high star and creates a balance between the art and practical relationships shown with non-anthropomorphism in his beauty and story.

Nagi Noda death

Nagi Noda’s creations often have a disarming effect, taking beauty from the ordinary to the strange and poetic. (Women in graphic design have survived) Nagi died some time after from injuries sustained in a traffic accident, on September 7, 2008, at the age of 34.

Wikipedia had given place to the newly discovered node in the list of popular celebrities. No one who comes with people born at any time is thoughtless. One of the most popular celebrities in the world. There is not much information about Nagi’s educational background and upbringing.

Net worth of Nagi Noda 

Nagi’s primary source is celebrity. In our life, we do not have enough information about his family, relationships, childhood etc. In the year 2019, her estimated total wealth was approx. $100k-$1m.

Awards won by Nagi Noda

His previous awards include the TDC Tokyo Gold Award in 1999, the 2001, she won the Tokyo ADC Award, in 2002, she won NYADC silver prize and Distinctive merit and again an ADC award.


Nagi Noda was a Japanese warrior and contemporary artist, born in 1973. The work of Nagi Noda was displayed in the attic of creation gallery G8. Nagi Noda works have been offered at auction several times, with estimated prices ranging from US$2,366 to US$17,634, depending on the auction. The form and medium of art. The record price of this artist is 17,634 USD, which was sold to Artcurial in 2007 by Sans Titre. The artist died in 2008.


Q1. Does Nagi actually have a brother?

Ans. Yes, his name was Sousuke.

Q2. When was Nagi Noda born?

Ans. 18 November, 1973.

Q3. When did Nagi Noda die?

Ans. 7 September, 2008

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