Civil war in Myanmar is a threat to India

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Civil War in myanmar

People’s anger against military rule is increasing in Myanmar. Its effect is also being seen on the border with India. The fighting between the military junta and rebels Civil war in Myanmar has now reached close to the Indian border. This fighting is going on near the border of the northeaster state of Mizoram. India is alert about this. Due to this ongoing domestic war in Myanmar, a new crisis is looming on India’s security. Thousands of people from Myanmar are looking to enter India to escape this devastating conflict. 

Myanmar refugees entering Mizoram

It is being claimed that thousands of refugees from Myanmar have entered Mizoram since last week. They want to avoid deadly fighting between the military and rebel forces in Myanmar’s ongoing civil war. India is already hosting 80,000 refugees from Myanmar. Now the arrival of new refugees may increase tension in India. Myanmar’s anti-military junta groups have captured major cities, military bases and important routes near the border with India.

Conflict continues Civil war in Myanmar since 2021

In 2021, Myanmar’s military overthrew the country’s democratically elected government. This led to a civil war that lasted for more than two years. Now Myanmar‘s army is fighting armed groups supporting the exiled government, the National Unity Government (NUG). Myanmar has seen much ethnic conflict since its independence in 1948. The majority of the country is populated by people of the Bamar ethnic group while other groups include the Kachin, Chin, Karen and Shan people.

Three Brotherhood Alliance opens front against army

The situation in Myanmar worsened in October when a coalition of armed groups, known as the Three Brotherhood Alliance, launched an offensive against the military. According to reports, they have captured more than 100 military posts. Now other anti-military groups have also intensified attacks against the Myanmar army. In the fight between the army and the rebels, the common people are suffering the most losses.

Myanmar rebels captured on India border!

Last week, some of these groups attacked and captured two military posts in Chin state, bordering India. These camps are a short distance from Mizoram, India. The fighting here led to air strikes by the Myanmar army. Now thousands of people from these border areas are entering Mizoram to escape the ongoing fighting between the army and the rebels. Mizoram already hosts more than 30,000 refugees from Myanmar who fled the country since 2021.

Civil war in Myanmar refugees can also enter Manipur

Anti-military groups in Myanmar have indicated that these incursions and attacks will continue. In such a situation, if violence increases in Chin and Sagang provinces bordering India, thousands of refugees may come across the border. The Indian government is worry about this. India’s Manipur state is already in turmoil. More than 200 people have died in ethnic clashes in Manipur in the last few months. If people from Myanmar enter Manipur illegally. Others see these migrants as a major source in the illegal cross-border drug and arms trade. Manipur shares its border with Sagging State of Myanmar. 


1. Why is Myanmar having a civil war?

Ans. Angered by a 2021 military takeover of Myanmar’s democratically 

2. What is the old name of Myanmar?


3. Is Myanmar rich or poor?

Ans.  One of the world’s poorest countries.

4. When did Myanmar leave India?

In 1937

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