Children Full of Life

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Mr. Kanamori, the teacher of the fourth class, teaches his students not only how to draw, but also how to live. It teaches them a lesson about the importance of self, community, poverty, ways to cope and the harm caused by bullying. In the award-winning documentary Children full of life, a fourth-grader at an elementary school in Kanazawa, northwest of Tokyo, learns a lesson about compassion from his homeroom teacher, Toshiro Kanamori.

He instructs everyone to write down their true inner feelings in a letter and recite it loudly in front of the class. By making their lives better, children begin to realize the importance of taking care of their friends. These heroes are a wonderful example of what all teachers around the world should be like. He truly understands what it means to educate children and he has definitely brought a positive change in the lives of these 10-year-old children.

What did Mr. Kanamori try to teach his students?

It is almost impossible to imagine this kind of practice as part of the American curriculum. We try a lot to inculcate such raw emotions in our children, but these children do great harm out of nothing and there are always no words to express themselves. Talking about deep feelings among peers seems to be a sure-fire way of preparing children for mischief, although Mr. Kanamori believes that the opposite is true. 

What is the role of teachers in Japan?

His non-metaphorical working hours often end at 7, 8 or 9 o’clock. Daily and occasionally weekly, primarily due to the teaching of academic topics in addition to additional responsibilities of the teachers: providing guidance to students, monitoring the club as part of curriculum activities, grade-star, specialty-star and participating in any meetings, communicating and meeting with support workers on the road and on the streets, meeting with the children and their parents at home, working with the community including parents and primary education agencies and preparing reports, receiving rewards The name is (Matsuura, 1999, Shibuya, 2004). These teachers conduct many of the same activities that are found in every public school in Japan today.

Is being a teacher in Japan good?

Japan is one of the countries that pays the most for English teachers in the world. In Japan, people can expect to earn approximately $2,200-$5,000 USD per month based on your knowledge of English teaching and your experience. Apart from high salaries, English teaching jobs in Japan come with great benefits. Positions may include fully paid accommodation, health insurance, and flight reimbursement. They vary according to the specific benefits, but in Japan, education programs are provided along with visas and Japanese bank accounts. Which help in guiding the students to get acquainted with the country and culture. 


If Japan is always at the top of your mind, then how can you experience it? As a tourist in Japan, you will often only see the right side. By teaching English in Japan, you can behave like a local citizen and earn a good salary. Which can help you complete your adventurous tasks.


Q1. What did Mr. Kanamori try to teach his students?

Ans. How to be a student.

Q2. What is a teacher called in Japan?


Q3. Can I become a Japanese teacher?

Ans. Anyone can be a Japanese teacher.

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