How to choose location for Food Truck Business

5 Tips for Starting Up a Food Truck Business

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Presently in India, food truck business is also becoming quite popular in the cities because to start this type of business, the entrepreneur does not require space at any fixed location. What I mean to say is that the food truck business gives complete freedom to the entrepreneur to choose the location even after starting the business. The biggest advantage that an entrepreneur gets from starting a Food Truck Business is that the entrepreneur can deploy his food truck at different locations every day as per the time. You can also experiment by installing it at different locations to see which location is getting more sales. Apart from this, the cost of starting a food truck business is less as compared to starting a restaurant business. That is why through this article we will try to know about every step to be taken to start a food truck business.

Choosing the Right Commercial Vehicle or Food Truck

To start his food truck business, the entrepreneur first has to choose a commercial vehicle. The type of vehicle, i.e., the size and type of vehicle, depends on which food items the entrepreneur includes in his menu. But generally, to do this business, an entrepreneur requires a commercial vehicle of about 18-20 feet long. Which can be bought new for Rs 8-10 lakh. Although there are many trucks available in the market in India like Tata, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ashok Leyland etc., but in the initial phase, the entrepreneur doing Food Truck Business should give up the idea of ​​buying a new vehicle and reduce the expenses in starting the business. For this, consider buying an old vehicle. 

How to choose location for Food Truck Business

Although, as we have mentioned in the above sentence, the entrepreneur who starts the Food Truck Business still has the freedom to take his truck to any other place even after starting the business. But the truth is also that if the entrepreneur selects the location after doing some research, then he may not need to change the location again and again. Therefore, in the initial phase, one should choose such a location where there are few or no food vendors around and there is a crowd of pedestrians every day at that place, or there are young employees and students available around that place. 

Kitchen equipment and raw materials required for Food Truck Business

To start a Food Truck Business, an entrepreneur requires various electronic equipment as kitchen equipment like microwave, juicer mixer, freezer, refrigerator, griller, steamer, etc. along with work table, burner, fryer and smoker, exhaust equipment, Utensil washing equipment, generator or inverter may be required. According to a reliable figure, the cost of purchasing kitchen equipment can be around Rs 3 lakh.

 Since most of the kitchen appliances are electronic equipment, it is beneficial for the entrepreneur to buy them new because at least one year warranty is available with the new products, due to which the entrepreneur starting the Food Truck Business can get regular service for one year. You can get relief from maintenance expenses. However, apart from electronic equipment, an entrepreneur can also buy old electronic equipment which will greatly reduce his cost.

Prescribe uniform for employees

Although this aspect of Food Truck Business has always been ignored by every entrepreneur, the truth is that this aspect of the business can play an important role in enhancing the business of the entrepreneur. Because nowadays people are looking for a place to eat food on the roadside which should not only be clean but the staff should also be clean looking and well dressed.

However, in the initial phase, an entrepreneur doing food truck business can choose a cheap dress. If we talk about printed T-shirt, an entrepreneur can easily get this T-shirt for Rs 150-200 and it is even cheaper if bought in bulk. Therefore, it can be said that the expenditure on staff uniform can be up to Rs 5000-7000. This includes the expenses on coat, T-shirt, apron, cap etc.

Marketing Food Truck Business:

However, most of the customers coming to the food truck business entrepreneur will come on their own, so he may not need many pamphlets. But still the entrepreneur must get a few thousand pamphlets printed so that he can contact the local newspaper distributor and distribute these pamphlets in the surrounding areas. Apart from this, billboards, banners etc. can also be made and pasted in the nearby crowded areas. 

offline marketing, the entrepreneur will also have to use online marketing tools like social media etc. well and will also have to run discount schemes from time to time. Apart from this, to earn more, it is also important for the entrepreneur to keep the details of the functions, events etc. happening in the nearby area so that the entrepreneur can park his food truck in the same area on that day.

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