Israel-Hamas War: More than 2800 died in Israel-Hamas war; Iran warned, know what has happened so far

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Israel hamas war

Israel Hamas war – Israel has accused Hamas that its supporters have taken 150 people hostage. He has warned that he will not lift his siege until these people are released. Let us know what happened in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Six days have passed since the Israel-Hamas war. More than 2800 people have lost their lives so far. Of these, 1,300 people have died in Israel and more than 1,500 have died in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army is now preparing for war on the ground after air strikes on the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, Iran’s UN mission has warned that if Israel does not stop its bombing, the war could open on ‘other fronts’. However, Iran has been denying from the beginning that it is with Hamas.

At the same time, Israel has accused Hamas that its supporters have taken 150 people hostage. He has warned that he will not lift his siege until these people are released. At the same time, to garner support for its attack in the Gaza Strip, Israel has shown the US graphic pictures of dead children and civilians.

Let you know what has happened so far in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas-

Israel targets Gaza’s Shati refugee camp. Air strikes were carried out here. It is being said that after the attack, a camp here has turned into ruins. Let us tell you, earlier Hamas had attacked, in which more than 1300 Israelis were killed. In response to this, Israel carried out these air strikes. More than 1,500 Palestinians, including many women and children, have been killed in airstrikes. Israel has mobilized 360,000 forces in response to the sudden attack by Hamas last Saturday. The soldiers have reached the border. The surrounding areas have been evacuated.

Iran’s UN mission

Iran’s UN mission has warned that war could open on other fronts if Israel does not stop airstrikes. However, Iran continues to deny any involvement in Hamas attacks. According to a report, the Israeli army is bombing the Gaza Strip every 30 seconds. On Thursday, the Israeli army said it had bombed Gaza with about six thousand tons of ammunition, totaling four thousand tons of explosives, since it began attacking Hamas targets.

Israel showed graphic images of dead children and civilians to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and NATO defense ministers to drum up support for its offensive in the Gaza Strip. Along with this, he said that these people were killed by Hamas. Blinken told reporters that he was shown photos and videos of children riddled with bullets. Not only this, soldiers were beheaded and youth were burnt alive in their cars or hiding places. He said it was very scary.

Social media platform X has removed hundreds of accounts linked to Hamas. He says there is no place on X for terrorist organizations. The company’s chief executive officer (CEO) Linda Yaccarino said that since the conflict began, X has identified hundreds of accounts linked to Hamas and removed them from the social media platform. Not only this but the material related to these has also been removed.

What happened recently?

On Monday, Hamas fired more than 300 rockets at Israel, in which some Israeli civilians were killed. After this, Israel targeted more than 150 Hamas targets in Palestine. After this, the Israeli Air Force attacked a 13-story building and around Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip in an air strike on Tuesday. Israel targeted two high-rise buildings it believed were being used by Hamas’s militants, killing at least three militants. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that a warning was given before the missiles were fired on that building so that people could get a chance to escape. It contained the office of Hamas, a gym, and offices of some startup businesses. Similarly, in the early hours of Wednesday, an Israeli aircraft drone also destroyed a 9-story building by firing aerial fire. This building was a residential building that also housed a medical company and a dental office.

The latest major escalation between Israel and Hamas

There was once again a fierce clash between Israel and Hamas on the intervening night of Tuesday-Wednesday. But this time the clash is said to be the deadliest to date. According to news agencies, 29 Palestinians and three people have been killed on the Israeli side in two days, including an Indian woman. 10 children have also been killed in Gaza. More than 200 people have been injured. This fight between Israel and Hamas is the biggest since the 50-day war in the summer of 2014.

Isreal Hamas war update – The Israeli Supreme Court last Sunday ordered the evacuation of seven Palestinian families from East Jerusalem. After which the period of violence started. Preparations were being made to evict 70 Palestinians from a place named Sheikh Jarrah in the coming weeks and replace them with Jews. The court had asked to vacate those houses that came under the Jewish Religious Association before the formation of Israel in 1948. There was anger among the Palestinians after this order of the court. Protests took place at many places in Israel regarding this.

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