Supply Chain Management: Examine supply chain disruptions

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In today’s time, many career paths are available to us. There are many areas in which the potential for growth is very high. But due to lack of sufficient information, youngsters do not choose these career options. One such area is supply chain management. Supply chain management is essential for any company to run successfully. This is the reason why people appointed to this post get a very good salary and their career growth is also quite good.

What is Supply Chain Management?

Before you pursue a career in supply chain management, you need to know what it actually is. Supply chain management involves managing the flow of goods and services from their source to the customer. This is the management of making the finished product smooth till the last stage of shipping. The main objective of supply chain management is to make the process of delivering products to customers without any problem easier. when it’s done right.

What does a supply chain manager do?

Now the question arises that what is the work of a supply chain manager. Actually, a supply chain manager is responsible for all the supply chains of the company, from raw material procurement to production. These are the professionals who ensure that the products reach on time and the raw materials are stored without damage. They should be prepared and delivered to the customers at the right time and easily without any problem. From manufacturing to warehouse, packaging in the supply chain.

What are the job opportunities in supply chain management?

There are many steps involved in preparing any product and it is not possible for one person to do it all. Therefore, every company requires many experts to complete supply chain management. In such a situation, there is no dearth of job options in this field. You can look for jobs in logistics resource planner, maintenance manager, quality manager, production planner, warehouse manager, etc. positions in small to big brands.

How much can a supply chain manager make?

A supply chain manager plays a very important role in any company. He plays a key role in the procurement of raw materials, quality of the product and then delivering it to its customers. In a way, his role has a deep impact on the growth of the company. Therefore, their salary is also quite good. However, as experience increases, their income also increases. You can easily earn Rs 40000-50000 at the beginning of your career.

Benefits (advantage) of Supply Chain Management

It has the following benefits: –

In this, data transfer takes place online due to which there is no need to do any paperwork. This satisfies the wholesaler and distributor as the product reaches the right person at the right time. There is very little possibility of mistakes in this. It is very cheap. In this, the speed of delivery of the product is very fast and logical. The quality is very good. If an efficient SCM maintains the quality then he satisfies the customer. Supply chain management is the continuous flow of goods and services, which includes supply of raw materials, transportation of goods, storage, inventory and then delivery of the final product from its source to its destination i.e., from supplier to consumer.

The entire process of delivery is involve. In other words, a product has to go through a long process to reach its customer or consumer. It includes people, organizations, information and resources. In this, proper flow of products, materials and information is possible. Having proper flow speeds up product delivery, meaning delays can be avoid. Suppliers and manufacturers work together, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness. Supply chain management provides visibility from the supply of the product to its delivery, which greatly reduces the chances of mistakes.


The first step is to make a strategic plan to mobilize all the necessary resources in view of the customer demand for the company’s products or services.

Sourcing: –

Once the strategic planning is ready, then comes the time to find the right supplier to produce the product as per the plan who can provide the raw material, goods and other services for the final product.


After the accumulation of raw materials required to make the product, that received material is reviewed, and then the manufacturing process begins. This stage also includes the process of manufacturing the product, quality testing, and finally packaging, which is manage by supply chain managers.

Delivering: –

After manufacturing and after the product is ready, there is time to deliver that finished product to the customers through logistics, and the delivery of the product is ensure by the SCM process itself.

Returning: –

The work of supply chain management is not limit to just delivering the product, but if there is any complaint in the deliver product, or there is a defective product, then its returning is also handle by SCM.

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