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Emerging Technologies: Edge Computing and Its Role in IoT

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Emerging Technologies? Our world is now a world of technology and every month some big latest innovations are coming out and every such innovation or product surprises us with its capabilities. So many technologies have come into our lives and have become a part of life. Today we will talk about emerging technology which is changing all the experiences of our lives. With the development of new technology, many new possibilities are also visible. Due to this change, new opportunities are developing at such a rapid pace that this entire process is becoming difficult.

In emerging technology, the use of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, NFT, and Metaverse is showing miraculous results and apart from being very widespread, they have also increased the future possibilities immensely. Due to new solutions, traditional banking is giving 10 runs in the medical agriculture sector. Today we will know about those emerging technologies that are changing the nature of life, they will change the whole world in the coming time, the meaning of life will change, and the way of living will change. Already, the use of these technologies is bringing revolutionary changes in banking, agriculture, medicine, and lifestyle whereas the emerging technology is in its first phase. Where will the world reach after its complete development?


You all must have heard the name of blockchain technology on which cryptocurrency is based. Not only Bitcoin but thousands of cryptocurrencies have been mined using blockchain technology. So, what is this blockchain technology and why is this emerging technology becoming so famous? Blockchain refers to a system under which information related to transactions is stored on millions of computers around the world. It is being considered as an alternative to the traditional banking system.

Note that when you transfer money from your bank account to another person through apps like Google Pay, Phone Pe, or Paytm, then what happens is that the money is deducted from the amount kept in your account in that bank, and the other bank Money is added to the other person’s account. In both the banks, a ledger is used for this, which keeps the details of the money transactions between you two.

Along with banks, these days it also applies to mobile phones. Just think about the role of the bank in this process. Its job is to save money and keep details of its transactions. The bank certifies how much money is in your account and how much money have you given or taken from whom. If the same work is done by banks in some other way, then this is the concept behind blockchain. Under this, accounts of similar transactions are kept on computers spread across the world. This system has no connection with banks.

Metaverse emerging technology

Metaverse means a different world existing in the world or its parallel world which will contain most of the things that are in our world. To access this virtual world, the internet, and digital devices will be required. This is similar to how you access a video game. You are a digital personality in the game, competing with other players, making friends, and doing a variety of other activities.

Quantum computer

Quantum computers are in the news because of their immense power. A quantum computer is capable of doing calculations much faster than a normal computer and hence it can be a boon for humanity but can also create new challenges. Would like to know where this speed comes from, let us know. We all know that the traditional computer works based on the basic unit made up of binary digits 0,1 which is called bit, on the other hand, a quantum computer adopts qubit quantum bit.

Let us understand in one line that the way of working on quantum is different from conventional computers and its speed is 1000000 times more. Let us understand this with an example. It is so difficult to decode the information encrypted through an encryption system called RSA that if an attempt is made to break this encryption with the help of a computer, then even a very powerful computer capable of doing 10 trillion calculations in 1 second will take 3 trillion years to do this work. On the other hand, a quantum computer capable of doing 1 million calculations per second can do it in 10 seconds.

At present, only a few quantum computers have been developed in the world. The world’s first very small quantum computer was made in 1997. In 2007, a Canadian company called Di Webb introduced a powerful quantum computer of 28 qubits. Today Righetti’s quantum computer is considered to be the most powerful, with a capacity of 128 qbit. Leaving aside small systems, the number of quantum computers with good capacity in today’s world will be less than 2 dozen. These are used by IBM, Intel, Google, The Gateway Institute, and Oxford University.

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