Agile Software Development: Principles, Practices, and Benefits

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Agile Software Development

The agile model is a combination of iterative and incremental models, Agile Software Development that is, it is made up of iterative and incremental models. In the Agile model, focus is given to process adaptability and customer satisfaction. In earlier times, an iterative waterfall model was used to create software. But in today’s time, developers have to face many problems. The biggest problem is that in the middle of software development, the customer asks to make changes in the software. It takes a lot of time and money to make these changes. In the agile model, the software product is divided into small incremental parts. In this, the smallest part is developed first and then the larger one. And each incremental part is developed over iteration.
Each iteration is kept small so that it can be easily managed. It can be completed in two to three weeks. Only one iteration is planned, developed, and deployed at a time.

Principles of the Agile Model

Its principles are as follows: –

There is a customer representative in the development team to maintain contact with the customer during software development and to understand the requirements. When an iteration is completed, stakeholders and customer representatives review it and re-evaluate the requirements. A demo of working software is given to understand the customer’s requirements. That is, it does not depend only on documentation. Incremental versions of the software have to be delivered to the customer representative every few weeks.

Its benefits are as follows: –

In this, two programmers work together due to which the coding is very good and there are very few mistakes in it. The software project is completed in a very short time. The customer representative has an idea of ​​each iteration so that he can easily change the requirements. This is a very realistic approach to software development. In this, focus is given to teamwork. There are very few rules in this and documentation is also negligible. There is no need for planning in this.

In this post, we will know what is Agile Model, what is Agile Model in Hindi (Agile Software Development) is. Today, changes are taking place very rapidly in the software industry, if an App or Software is created today, then after a year, many changes are seen in it, or new features are added to it as per the need of the user. This means that software or app development has become a field that requires constant change and if a new software has to be developed, it has to be prepared in a short time as per the customer’s demand.

What is the Agile Model

Agile is a methodology in which work is done according to certain values ​​and principles. Mainly Agile methodology is used in Software Development, in which any Software Development project is made available in small parts as per the preference of the user very quickly and rapidly. That is, it is not the case that only when the software is completely ready, the user will be able to use it, but after understanding the user’s priority, those features of the software which are needed more are implemented first.

How does the Agile Model work?

In Agile methodology, first of all, the user’s priority related to the software project is understood through face-to-face conversation, and accordingly, the project is divided into small parts. This is called User Stories in the Agile Software Development Model. After this, the developers work on those features i.e., User Stories according to the first needs of the user, in which there is a deadline to prepare each part, and within the deadline itself, that part is prepared and given to the user, so that User can start using the software.

After the user uses that part of the software, it is completely checked, because the user is using that software, and at the same time feedback is also taken by the developer’s team. If the user wants any change, then the developer team also makes changes in the software as per the needs of the user. In this way, the software is continuously prepared in small parts and made available to the user, and the entire project is completed in a very short time.

What are the 12 principles of the Agile Model?

There are 12 principles of the Agile Model, according to which this model works.

Customer Satisfaction: – 

Continuous delivery of working software to the customer so that the work continues and delivering the entire software to the customer within the deadline so that the customer remains satisfied.

Be ready for change: – 

According to the customer, if any change is required in the development stage, then make the change in it.

Keep delivering the product from time to time: 

Prepare small parts of the software and keep giving it to the customer so that the customer can keep working on it and giving feedback.
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