Win an Instant Ramen Emergency Kit


You never know when you’re gonna have to flee your home, and that’s why The Institute for Fire Safety and Disaster Preparedness recommends that everyone have an emergency kit. For a limited time, you can win this awesome instant ramen emergency kit—so much better than Clif Bars!

Here’s some more info:

The package contains:

— Five servings of instant ramen noodles
— Three 500-milliliter bottles of mineral water
— A stainless cup
— Solid fuel
— A barbeque lighter
— A pair of chopsticks
— A wet towel

To apply for the giveaway, send a postcard with your address, name, age, sex, occupation and phone number to:

"Instant Ramen Bosaishoku Kit" Present (Mainichi Daily News) Gakari
DPR 2-16-7 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8210

You do have to live in Japan, unfortunately, to enter the contest. I am going to enter anyway, even though I don’t live there, by using my parents’ and all my high school friends’ addresses. Tee hee.