My Favorite Japanese Restaurant in the US

I went back to Boston this weekend for the first time in years, and ate at my favorite Japanese restaurant in the country, Cafe Mami. I was surprised to read a bunch of mediocre reviews on Yelp, because I really think this is the best Japanese food outside of Japan. Maybe I’m biased because back in my college days, this was where I went when I was homesick. (It’s also where I got my inspiration on how to make karaage—fried chicken.)

But, whatever, Yelpers! I have my own blog where I get to profess whatever opinions I want and give it as many stars as I want, and I’m giving Cafe Mami 10 stars! I love it! The hamburger steak, the ginger lemon chicken, the green tea milkshake…it’s all perfecto.

Plus, I heard a rumor that it might be closing soon due to the owner’s personal reasons. So I’m really really glad I went to Boston this weekend, if only to get my last fix.