Joyu’s New Cult

JoyuEver since the subway-gassing Aum cult lost its dear charismatic leader to death row, there’s been a split in those remaining. Some wanted to retain reverence for Shoko Asahara, focusing on mantras and religious teachings and 101 ways to kill off the population, while others wanted to get rid of holy names, throw out anything resembling their leader, and think of 102 ways to kill of the population. The latter is led by the super-smart, super-scary, loved-by-the-teeny-bopper-girls  ex-spokesman for Aum Shinrikyo, 44-year old Fumihiro Joyu.

Anyway, an "insider" just announced that Joyu is leaving Aum–which, by the way, is now called Aleph–and starting his own spin-off cult with about 60 others. It’ll be fun to see what kind of trouble they cause. Maybe we can throw in them in the middle of the yakuza war and watch them all rumble.