Hilarious Harry Potter fangirl revisited: “touch ok?”

In July of last year I posted one of my favorite strangest YouTube videos of all time — Japan’s biggest Harry Potter fangirl and her encounter with actors Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe, aka Ron and Harry, at Hogwarts. Those clips in their entirety have since been removed from the interwebs because of licensing blah blah, but I found these snippets on YouTube of the crux of each, where she asks “touch ok?” and starts petting the two of them on the face. Love how she sniffs her finger after petting Ron’s eyelashes!

Honda Jazz commercial featuring Australian hipsters

My friend Lisa G sent me this funny video for Honda in which Australian hipsters answer the question: How much hipster can you fit into a Honda Jazz? They quote Haruki Murakami and Jack Kerouac while putting beer in the cooler and taking Polaroids of themselves while saying “fair trade!” Silly.

Dramatic Softbank ad for Twitter phone features dog as political candidate

Finally, Japanese politics has gone so whack that it’s not all too unrealistic to imagine a dog running for office. Japan’s most famous dog, Jiro Shirato, stars in this mini documentary created to parody election time. It’s a Softbank commercial for a Twitter-friendly cell phone, and is chock full of drama, jokes (“manifesto” becomes “Everesto”) and hope for a brighter future. Plus it kinda explains Japanese politics in a nutshell. Amazing.

(Thanks, Kazu Y!)

Catchy commercial for jock itch cream

If you’re in Japan this summer, you might have seen this catchy commercial for Delicare M’s, a jock itch cream. The lyrics go something like this:

♪ In the summer time our genitals become itchy (itchy)
When they become itchy, use Delicare M’s
[humming humming] it works!
don’t scratch them, use Delicare M’s♪

via Spoon and Tamago

Instructional video on how to insert a tampon

In this video, a very serious lady from the company Unicharm shows us how to insert a tampon the right way. It might seem strange, but in Japan a lot of women still don’t use tampons because they don’t want to put things inside their bodies. Charm Soft is the leading tampon brand in Japan.

via Zaeega (Japanese)

Ajinomoto Stadium CM features pretty girls with manly voices

This is all over YouTube already, but worth posting, I thought, because it’s not just a fun commercial but plays out like a good short film. A young man moves to a new town, where all the girls are really pretty. He’s super excited about it until he realizes that they all have really manly raspy voices. It’s a commercial for Ajinomoto Stadium, home to the soccer team Tokyo Verdy.

Video: 80s Momotaro jazz opera

You must watch this crazy jazz version of the classic Japanese folk tale, Momotaro. In it, a team of comedians tells the story of the heroic boy who was born from a peach via a series of American jazz tunes. PRI’s The World called up Roland Kelts and analyzed it on air recently. Apparently it was a segment on Tamori’s show, which makes a lot of sense.