Blow Up Doll Photography Contest


Japan’s greatest sex doll company, Orient Doll, is holding its second annual CandyGirl Photography contest right now. Entries are due by November 15—everyone who has a blow up doll from this company and knows how to angle her beautifully has a fair shot at winning the grand prize of 200,000 yen ($1700) or one of 8 1st prizes of 100,000 yen.

Last year’s winner was an image of a young pink-skinned silicone princess that looks like she just got wet in the rain. Sexy.

Contest flyer (Thanks, Rog!)


Porn Vending Machine-Protecting Cop Shot in the Butt

20071005p2a00m0na021000p_size5Those of you who always doubted whether porn is really sold in vending machines in Japan can stop wondering now. In the news this weekend is a story of a cop who was shot in the butt while attempting to thwart a porn vending machine robbery in Fukuoka. Two guys were trying to break into the thing when the cop rolled by. In the midst of the struggle, one of the guys grabbed the cop’s gun from his holster and shot him in the butt. I don’t know if they got away. I don’t think they got away with the porn they wanted. It must have been really expensive porn to be worth stealing from a frigging machine.


Guardian Angels Launch System for Catching Sex Traffickers

The Guardian Angels of Japan are working with cops to implement a 100,000 yen reward system for anyone who provides credible tips on how to catch sex traffickers. To date, most initiatives to combat trafficking in Japan have been pretty ineffective or not very well thought out. For this plan to work, for example, there should be measures providing tipsters with legal protection—a lot of the people involved in trafficking rings are in Japan illegally, and they won’t want to speak up/claim their reward if it means that they’re going to be deported.

For more about sex trafficking in Japan, you can read my February feature in Metropolis or this previous post about a trafficking victim arrested for visa violations.


Animated Bulletproof Breasts and Penis Tentacles

Picture_2 Check out this superbly written article by Wired senior editor and TV star Adam Rogers about xxx-rated weirdness and gender roles in Japanese animation. It starts like this:

Imagine if the centaurs in Fantasia abandoned their chaste little picnic and erupted into a wild orgy. The younger, more girlish colts might not be as into it, so they’d get tied up. Then a 1,000-foot high robot in samurai armor locked in battle with an equally huge demon that squirts fire out of tentacles shaped like penises might crash into the scene, killing all the centaurs.

This article was actually written a decade ago—I found it while surfing the web for blog ideas. I work with Adam at Wired, but had no idea he was an anime/sex/gender expert. (Now he has a wife and a baby and edits stories about science, politics, and law enforcement.) The guy’s full of surprises! Just goes to show that you just never know where your editors have been—or what they’ve been imagining.


Read the article

Japanese Sex Worker Job App from 1921 Found in China


An antique collector in northern China found this piece of paper in a porcelain vase he purchased a few years ago—an application filled out by a 21-year old Japanese woman to get hired as a prostitute in Tianjin. Dated March 1921, the application clearly indicates her name, nationality, age, and reason for seeking employment: poverty. It’s accompanied by a photo.

Between 1912 and 1949, prostitution was legal in parts of China, and many applicants—domestic and from overseas—applied for work there.



The Results Are In: The Japanese Have Crappy Sex

A French public radio station did a survey of 26 countries based on their sexual prowess and satisfaction. The results? Japan came in last! Here are some figures for perspective:

The average Greek has sex 164 times a year.
The average Indian has sex 130 times a year.
The average Chinese has sex 122 times a year.
The average Japanese has sex 48 times a year.

67% of Nigerians said they were satisfied with their sex life.
15% of Japanese said the same.

I have some theories for why: 1. I think there are a lot of virgins in Japan. That could definitely skew the national average. 2. If you’re a virgin, you’re likely not satisfied with your sex life.

Link (Japanese)

Train Pervert Captured Fleeing on Camera


Check out this photo series of a citizen/police cooperative train pervert chase taken by a photographer who just happened to be strolling along in Tokyo Station on a weekday morning. The guy running is one of Japan’s many infamous CHIKAN, or train perverts, who inconspicuously grope commuters in uncomfortable, oddly sexual ways while everybody else minds their own business. For the longest time, this problem continued relatively unreported and untreated, but in recent years the train authorities have cracked down by having women-only trains and reporting guidelines that would protect the women from shame.

Although the photos–from the photographer’s Flickr set–come with relatively little explanation, this is how I envision that the whole thing happened:

1. Homeboy grabbed the woman’s crotch on a train.
2. The woman yelled "CHIKAN!"
3. The train arrived at Tokyo station, and Mr. Perv fleed.
4. Seeing the fleeing Perv, the Businessman with the Determined Look sticks his foot out to trip the suspect.
5. Train cops arrive at the scene and whisk Perv away to face his punishment.

(via Dr. Rogg)



Check out this wonderful new resource for finding love hotels in Japan. It’s called Easy to remember, right? It lists these sexy rest spots by neighborhood (you’re looking at Shibuya above) and has links to each hotel’s web site on the key below. It’s in Japanese only, so you’ll have to know the characters for the neighborhoods at the very least, but what the hell. You could just go random clicking, and you’re sure to find a place to stay with free condoms, porn, and accessories. (via Zaeega)

My Sexual Harassment, Part III

This medley of awkward moments in boys love comics features several man-on-man anime couples who are about to make out for the first time. The first clip is called "My Sexual Harassment, Part III." The submissive boy (because there’s always one submissive, and one dominant) is saying, "yes, i bring pajamas on overnight trips because I’m too skinny for hotel robes, and besides, I move around a lot in my sleep…" and then the bigger, dominant guy throws off his robe, revealing his full nude. "Mochizuki, come!" He commands. "….yes…" Submissive Boy says as the romantic mood music kicks in.

I know you’re thinking, I’m not into gay comic books! But whatever. It’s an important part of Japanese pop culture in 2007, and the least you can do is check out this clip.

Rent-A-Blow Up Doll


Blow-up dolls cost up to $5,000 a head, and not everyone wants one to keep at home. Sometimes, you just need a quickie. That’s why there are an increasing number of businesses in Japan that pimp them out to clients the same way the human sex industry. In the blow-up doll escort service industry, the mannequins-for-hire are put into golf bags and brought to your house for a fee of about 5000 yen an hour. Or, you could have a romantic long weekend with it for about 35,000 yen. ($300) Not much more than a rental car, and much cheaper than buying your own blow-up doll. And if you don’t want the doll to find out where you live, you could go to a "love doll rental room," which can also be rented by the hour for about 9,000 yen an hour.

Yeah, I know. Borrowing a used blow-up doll is pretty nasty. It reminds me of the time a bunch of the guys in my high school bought this pink rubbery masturbation tool called "my friend" and passed it around.

These days, blow-up dolls are super high-tech, made of soft vinyl, urethane, and silicone to make them feel like real women. Except, unlike real women, these ladies never complain. My two cents? If you’re into this stuff, buy your own.


It’s Porn!

PornThanks to reader comments and links, I figured out what this mass orgy was all about! It’s porn! You can buy the video here (Japan only), or download it here.

Orchestrated by a small porn production company in an effort to bring sales back up, the video brings 250 young porn actresses from all over the country into one room. They’re paired with a dude they’ve met for the first time, and then follow director’s orders to fuck like animals in a breeding farm.

Is it just me, or is this not that sexy?

A Hundred Couples Having Sex In One Room


You’ll never believe what happens next. All these young, pretty women take off their clothes, get paired up with a man, and start having perfectly synced sex on the mattresses they’re standing on. I don’t know what to call it. X-rated fascism? Is it a cult? A scientific experiment? A hands-on sex ed class? A piece of art?

My guess is the latter.


Virgins Speak Out Against Virginity

Some funny quotes from the president of a self-proclaimed male virgin club, the Japan Cherry Boys Association, on the club’s decision to forcefully give up celibacy:

We can’t depend on the government for everything. We virgins have got
to stand up once again and do our bit for the country by tackling the
birthrate problem.

Love today is all something manufactured by the capitalist society.
You’ve got ‘clothes for the popular guy’ and ‘stores for the popular
guy’ everywhere, but for guys like me who hate spending money, the
capitalist society labels us as ‘guys who can’t get love’. There’s no way I’m
gonna get suckered into that lifestyle.

First and foremost, we study. To make sure we have an anatomical
background of women, we all draw pictures of female genitalia and
critique them. We had one guy who
just drew a straight line and said, ‘I’m finished.’ That’s how little
we all know.

He also claims that 10% of Japanese men between the ages of 40 and 45 are virgins.


Housewives Buy Gay Boys In Bangkok

Okay, Yaoi is one thing, but you know the gay boy fetish has gone too far when Japanese women start flying to Thailand to frequent go-go bars there. Apparently, it’s the new trend for young housewives bored out of their minds to head out to Bangkok’s gay bars in pairs and bring go-go boys home to their hotels and pay them to fuss over them and treat them like princesses.


New Restaurant Features Sexy Strippers Dressed Like Office Ladies


Here’s something you could do if you’re bored on a Friday night and need food and fun. OL Shabu Shabu Shomuni is a shabu shabu restaurant that just opened in November, and it serves more than just boiled beef and vegetables. The waitresses are all dressed like Office Ladies, and are required to strip down to the nude and then put on a slutty outfit at request, while you eat out of their hands. Yes, their hands! No chopsticks here.

Keep reading for more pics of the Corporate Stripper Waitresses and an explanation of Office Lady…

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Canadian Japanese Porn Star Maria Ozawa


This hot 21-year old girl looks innocent enough, but she’s actually a hard core porn actress. She grew up a lot like me, going to international schools in Tokyo. (Actually, she went to the Christian Academy of Japan. They used to kick our ass in volleyball.) But while I spend most of my day in front of my MacBook writing stuff, she is shooting movies with titles like "Temptation Erotic Fuck" and "Share a 24 Hours Full of Sex With Maria!"

If you read Japanese, here’s her blog. If you don’t, you can still watch her titillating promo video. Or, if you want to see her in the full nude doing hard core videos, then Google her. What, did you really think I’d link you to porn on my pure, unadulterated blog?