New Cancer Tech Based On Dog’s Nose


Japan’s greatest new cancer detector is this 5 year old black lab named Marine. Marine can distinguish up to 18 different types of cancer just from sniffing a human’s breath, but there’s more: this year, Japanese biomimetics company Seems Inc. is coming out with a portable, cell-phone-sized sensor that mechanically replicates this dog’s olfactory skills. The device is slated to come out within six months and will be sold for under 10,000 yen. Now that’s pretty affordable and awesome.

via the Japan Times (Thanks, Mary!)

Earthquake-Alerting Satellites

Did you know that there’s an earthquake in Japan every 5 minutes? That’s really frequent. Anyway, starting this summer, seismotologists are going to be depending on satellites to tell them when a tremor is near. Reuters reports:

The new system, called "J-ALERT," will send disaster warnings from the
Meteorological Agency via satellite to city and town offices,
automatically activating warning sirens and emergency broadcast
systems. Until now, local officials have had to activate these systems
themselves after receiving warnings.

They’re still working out some software glitches, but it sounds promising. The photo’s from the Great Kobe Earthquake in 1995.