Reader photo: The Thunder Gate by night


TokyoMango reader Gilles Losier took this photo that he describes as follows:

I was in Japan for 2 weeks in June. The second night of my visit in Japan when I was coming back from Akihabara going to my hostel located in Asakusa. When I walked threw Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate). Nakamise was so calm and peaceful, nothing like this during the day time.

Colonel Sanders without his makeup


Remember the story from a few months ago about the Colonel Sanders statue that came floating onto a riverbank after being stolen from a KFC in Osaka over 20 years ago and chucked overboard? Well, here’s a picture of him next to a newer version of himself. I think he looks much more approachable without the glasses and the makeup and the white suit. The happy human behind them is the president of KFC Japan, who no doubt eats a lot of chicken… or does he?

via Mainichi

Reader photo: The temple that Matsuo Basho wrote a poem about


TokyoMango reader Martijn Kuik, who took this photo, writes:

In May last year I traveled through Tohoku together with my Japanese wife, at times in the footsteps of Matsuo Basho on a journey he took in the spring of 1689.
I visited a temple called Houjusan-Risshakuji, also known as “Yamadera”, near Yamagata city. This temple was founded in 860 by Jikaku Daishi, a priest of the Tendai sect who founded many of the most important temples in Tohoku. After climbing 1100 stairs one reaches the main tempel building and one can’t help but be overwhelmed by the magnificent view.

In “Oku no Hosomichi” Matsuo Basho writes:

How still it is here-
Stinging into the stones,
The locusts’ trill.

I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this temple and its surroundings.

Photo exhibit featuring Harajuku fashionistas starts next week

Picture 1

There’s a small photo exhibit at the Japan Information Center in San Francisco featuring the works of Andy Heffernan, who spent four Sundays in Harajuku snapping pics of interesting characters, like this girl in a red jumpsuit, pink Birkenstocks, a fake scar and mustache on her face, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and a Burberry shopping bag.

The exhibit is from June 18 to July 30. It’s at 50 Fremont Street, Suite 2200, in SF. Link