Super Mario chess set

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I am not the best or most avid chess player in the world, but this makes me want to have a chess set in my house. If only because I will have every single Mario character at my disposal, in a box, whenever I need them.

F4F via GizmoDiva

1UP helmet for bikers needing extra luck


Cycling in San Francisco is kinda scary. In Tokyo, you can ride your bike on the streets, on the sideways, in your pajamas with groceries hanging from both arms, with no helmet, nobody cares. Here in SF, it’s like this big scene—you have to have nice gear, shoes that click into the foot pedals, helmets, biking shorts, biking shirts, a water bottle that clicks into the frame…it’s SERIOUS. To make it a little less serious, you could get this Super Mario 1UP bike helmet cover. That way, if you get run over by 10 cars while speeding down a crazy SF hill, you can just hit yourself in the head and get another life. In theory.

Link via Boing Boing

Interactive Marioland in one room


There are some great photos here of an interactive Marioland room, with punchable bricks and lots of room to jump and slide around in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can go into a green pipe for a quick swim or to get more coins.


Mario corset top = sexy?


My friend Jenna found this on Etsy:

A supercute corset made from alternating RARE & vintage Super Mario
Brothers and red & white polka dot print fabric, topped off with
bias tape flanking the bodice, a delicate sweetheart-shaped bustline,
two polka dot ribbon bows, crude contrast stitching and silver metal
grommets in the back so you can lace up! FULLY boned for support.

It’s custom-made and takes 3-4 weeks, so it’s too late to order for Halloween. Company Christmas party maybe? (Thanks, Jenna!)

Wall Graphics Turn Bedroom into Mario World


Here’s a glimpse into the future: One day, if and when I have a kid, its bedroom will have Super Mario Bros wall graphics. He’ll dream about eating mushrooms and tossing turtle shells and poisonous flowers and jumping high into the sky to get coins.

I’ve already met the future dad.

Link (Thanks, Adora!)

I Met Mario


It’s true. After decades of helping him save Peach and watching him jump on mushrooms and listening to him say: "Here we gooo!" I finally met him yesterday. He was just chilling by a concrete wall at the buyers’ trade show, cool as a cat despite the chaos going on around him. He didn’t even flinch when I came by to tell him how big of a fan I was. So we took a couple of pictures together, and then I decided to let him be. After all, he’s one of the gaming world’s biggest superheroes. I’m sure he needs his rest before he goes off on his next adventure.

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Mario Mushroom Found in the Wild


Look! Somebody found a Super Mario-like mushroom in the wild. Deep inside, I always knew that Mario World was real…I just needed this piece of evidence to prove it. There is no information revealed on where this mushroom was found, which is unfortunate, because I’d leave my day job in a second to go find Princess Peach.

If anybody has eaten one of these and experienced unusual growth in a matter of seconds, please let me know.

Link (Japanese)

Super Mario Super Fan Has Sleeve Tat


I like video games, but not as much as this guy, who had Mario World tattooed onto his left arm. Apparently, he was an army brat who spent his childhood playing Nintendo. If it’s so much a part of him, why not wear it on his sleeve? Next up on his tat list is a Zelda collage on his right arm.

Link (Thanks, Owen!)

Ruby Meets Mario, and Ignores Him


In this exciting home video, my favorite video game character tries to grab the attention of my favorite little dog, but fails miserably because cute little dogs have better thinks to think about than stars that make you invincible and mushrooms that make you bigger (like cookies and toys and dinner).

Super Mario Subwoofer


Wow! Someone actually modded his subwoofer to make it into giant Mario blocks. So cool…kind of, in the same way that Mario floor mats and a Mario wedding cake are cool. Not to mention the Mario piano guy. People really love the little red Italian plumber. I think Nintendo knew that ordinary humans would get a kick out of the mushroom-eating, dinosaur-riding, high-jumping, coin-winning fun. It’s a kind of fun that is so imagination-friendly yet hard to recreate in reality—nobody’s been able to successfully create a Mario amusement park, even though it’s like the most obvious idea in the world.

Anyway, the subwoofer. It’s actually a 12" Shiva painted to exactly replicate the Mario blocks, which was consequently put into the creator’s friend’s car.


Super Mario Floor Mats


I like Mario, but I don’t know if I like him enough to want to see his
face every time I step into my house. Nonetheless, I think this Super
Mario Doormat is genius. Although I think eventually I’ll get tired and frustrated of bouncing on the question mark and not getting a mushroom, of bouncing on the brick and not getting a gold coin, etc. But would be really cute for a kid’s room or something!

Link (Thanks, Jenna!)