An umbrella for dogs


Some dogs don’t like the rain. Most dogs don’t like wearing raincoats. The solution could be in this umbrella for dogs — it faces downwards instead of up and has a leash attachment to it so that it automatically opens up over your dog as he walks. Interesting!

Product page (Japanese) (Thanks, Kazu Y!)

Cookie cutters in Kappabashi


My friend Garth went to Tokyo recently and took this photo at a baking supply store in Kappabashi. I have never seen so many cookie cutters!

My neighbor is a pastry chef and she fell in love with some pastry forms she saw in a Japanese book on the topic. I spent a lot of time trying to find something for her while I was there. I ended up meeting a woman at a store who, through half Japanese half English communication, helped me find a goldmine of baking supplies.


Toyjector, a low-res, super cute toy projector


For $150, you can now get this cute, boxy toy projector called the Toyjector. It’s two cubic inches and weighs just four ounces, so it’s super portable, but it really is just a toy — it projects 300×224 images and only has an internal 1W mono speaker. But if you’re looking for a cute-and-little gadget-y holiday gift for a non-gadgety person, this could be a good gift. It goes on sale in Japan at the end of November.

Press release (Japanese, via CrunchGear)

Golden poop inkan stamp for good luck


A lot of official documents in Japan still require an inkan, or a personalized red stamp. It’s the equivalent of a signature in the US, except you have to carry it around with you — each is unique because of the name, obviously, and the font. This golden poop charm is actually a real functional inkan — it stamps good luck on whatever document you need to endorse, be it a marriage certificate or bank papers.

Product page (Japanese)

Little blue guy brings good career luck to your home


This cute little blue guy is actually a modern-day house ornament that’s supposedly good for feng shui. He brings you good luck in your career — you can put a little personal note in the slit in front for motivation; this guy will sit in the corner of your room, slowly bobbing his head from side to side, just chilling out and bringing you good vibes. You can also get a pink guy for romantic luck and a green one for health.

Product page (Japanese)

Bamboo dining set teaches kids table manners


I love this dining set for kids made by Funfam. Everything’s made of bamboo and is reusable (huge amounts of wooden chopsticks are used and thrown away every day in Japan), but not only that, the embedded cutlery design automatically teaches your kids how to set a table! It’s one less thing you have to teach them &mdash not to mention that it’s just an extremely cute design. The only caveat: it costs $200.

Product page via Designboom