Pop-up ramen venture serves the best ramen in SF


I had ramen last night. In San Francisco. And guess what, it was delicious! The noodles were just right, the chashu was chunky and good, the bamboo shoots were pretty, the greens were refreshing, and the soft-boiled egg was perfectly soft-boiled. Yum. The venue is actually a Mexican restaurant in the Mission district that is hijacked once every week or two by KenKen Ramen, a pop-up ramen venture started by two guys who went to my high school in Tokyo. You should try it sometime! They post all the location and date and time info on their Twitter feed.

$500 Hello Kitty water


Hollywood company Fillico has created a special edition Hello Kitty version of their ridiculously overpriced bottled water. For $500, you can choose from five different types of Hello Kitty water. Red = friendship, pink = cute, yellow = heartful, green = wish, lavender = sweet. I suppose it could be a cute gift or novelty item at a wedding if you were ridiculously rich and ridiculously ridiculous.

via 3yen

Delicious oyster shooter at Kabuto


I had a lovely sushi dinner tonight at Kabuto in San Francisco with my friends Lisa and Jordan. One of my favorite things to order there is the 1849 Oyster. It consists of:

an oyster
quail egg
gold flakes

You shoot it in your mouth and just enjoy the burst of flavors. Delicious!

Limited edition coke + fanta orange drink

Picture 1

My brother sent me this photo of a limited edition Coke + Fanta Orange drink that’s on sale now in Japan. I used to actually do this mix pretty often when I got fountain sodas at fast food joints. Also, do you guys remember a drink that we called the suicide? I think it was Dr. Pepper + Coke + Fanta Orange + Iced Tea.

Hot dog eating ex-champ Kobayashi arrested in Coney Island

Hot-dog-460_797010c Some unexpected news from Takeru Kobayashi, the ex-Nathan’s hot dog eating contest champ, this 4th of July weekend: instead of partaking in the competition, Kobayashi showed up as a spectator but stormed the stage in rage after his nemesis Joey Chestnut took the championship again. He was charged with resisting arrest, trespassing, and obstructing governmental administration. He’s won the contest six times in the past, but didn’t take part this year because of some snafu with the contest organizers — apparently they wanted him to sign an exclusivity clause that would prevent him from doing other competitive eating contests without their permission, which sounds kind of shitty to me.

As you can tell from the number of previous posts I’ve done on the topic, competitive eating is a big thing in Japan. There’s even a Wii game where you can become a food fighter.


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“Wafu” restaurant in Sydney requires customers to finish all their food


Yukako Ichikawa is a chef at Wafu restaurant in Sydney. It has an interesting policy: the guests have to finish all their food, or else the staff won’t clear their plates. A snippet from their web site:

In keeping with our ethos, we ask that you understand and respect the following:

Please be mindful of the amount of food you order – consider ordering just the right amount, in harmony with your appetite!
To find pleasure in our dishes is to finish the meal. Please don’t leave anything on your plate.
Please consider sharing meals as you would at home, by eating together you will be reducing the amount of wasted food.
Whilst you eat, savour the food, and think “Arigatou” (“thank you” in Japanese) to our Earth!
If we all do our part to minimise waste, it can make a big difference!

It’s a bit ironic that they call it guilt-free dining, since really, it sounds to me like they’re trying to guilt you into finishing the food. But if I was in Sydney I think I’d definitely want to try it out. Looks yummy.

via Reuters

Baobab flavored Pepsi


The newest flavor of Pepsi in Japan is Baobab. Yep, as in the tree. No idea what that’ll be like. If anyone gets to try it before I do (the release date is May 25), please leave your two cents in the comments.