Nissan: Advertising on Second Life Is Better Than Real Life

According to the head of web advertising at Nissan, putting ads up in Second Life is better than doing so in real life. "We don’t know if it’s actually translating into sales," the guy says. "But the cost-effectiveness is very high."

Okay, sorry to break your bubble, but I highly doubt that these SL-ers are buying Nissan Versas. MMORPGers rarely leave the house.

Linden Lab, the company behind the popular sex-crazed massive online role playing game, announced the debut of their Japanese version, which will be available soon.


Link (Japanese)

Car Laptop Holder


Some people get anxious just spending a few minutes away from the Internet, but they’re not cool enough to own Blackberry’s. For people like this, there’s Thanko‘s car laptop holder. It has a sturdy, 360-degree rotating arm and latches easily onto the little nob that bolts down the driver’s seat.

I don’t really understand why talking on your cell phone while driving can get you a ticket, yet a product like this is completely acceptable. But whatever. You could also use it to hold maps, or you can detach the table and screw in a camera for sneak shots of the hot woman driving a Ferrari next to you.

Product page (Japanese)

This Car Can Never Park Here


Remember how I told you about Japan being a scolding culture? Well, it’s not just young girls that get in trouble–cars do, too. For example, this car is NEVER allowed to park in this parking lot. The lot managers even put up a giant poster with a picture of the car and the license plate number on the pay machine with a giant warning in red that says: "This car is NEVER allowed to park in this parking lot because it didn’t pay!"

Gasoline From The Sky


People are always asking me if it’s true that gasoline comes from the sky in Japan. Yes, it is, they come out of those pumps hanging from the ceiling light, which advertises regular or high-octane gas. And you don’t have to do a thing at the gas station, either, cuz the guys in red do it all for you–fill up your tank, wipe your mirrors, squeegee your windows, and stop oncoming traffic to direct you out of the gas station.

Electric car that looks like a beetle.

Students at the auto tech department of an Okayama high school created an electric car that looks just like a South American beetle called the Dynastes hercules–the biggest in the world.

I wonder what’s next. A bike that looks like a praying mantis, maybe? Did you know that a female praying mantis has to eat the male praying mantis’ head before mating? I learned that in a college biology class from a happy old professor who hopped around the room role-playing to demonstrate.

At Toyota , strippers and human heads add an intimate touch.

With human heads and hands personifying the features & amenities, this new advertising campaign by Toyota portrays the idea that its products and services are customized for you, making you feel as though someone is attending to you at all times. It’s creative and funny. But when the campaign–dubbed "human touch"–comes out at the same time as news of the company’s internal "personal touch" policies, the definition of intimacy with the automaker becomes a little bit sketchier.

Personal touch is a decades-old internal labor policy in which strippers are invited to company meetings to help managers and staffers let loose and bond. Word of the widespread use of this policy got out this week when nine Toyota Motor Philippines employees were reprimanded for exploiting it. According to one:

Strip shows are part and parcel of wining and dining during personal touch meetings. Workers have a lottery to see who gets to sleep with the stripper and some employees have actually done the deed.

So then the question is, would you rather be a customer receiving Toyota’s human touch, or an employee receiving its personal touch?

I drive an Acura.

Today, Toyota announced their plan to take over the world. They plan to sell 9.8 million cars in 2008, which would put them ahead of GM. Japan on top of the US! Unthinkable, unless you’re talking about the number of professional perverts there are. (Maybe.)

The main reason for Toyota’s recent success and global dominance ambitions is the Prius, which has kicked ass against high gas prices. But those of us who have seen the ominous South park episode–where the “smug” from Prius owners destroys San Francisco–might opt for this oh so good looking Lexus LS460, introduced two days ago.