Report from Design Festa, Asia’s biggest art festival


Design Festa, the biannual two-day international freestyle art event,
was held in Odaiba this weekend. It began in 1994 and is an outlet of
expression for all kinds of artists ranging from amateurs to long
time veterans. This year’s event had a show of 2600 booths with over
7000 artists from more than 30 different countries. When I first walked
in, I was bombarded with sensory overload — french maids peddling
knick knicks, middle-aged people dancing with cardboard boxes on their
head, artists wearing gas masks and painting on giant murals,
multicolored animation on theater-sized screens, and more. It was like I
left reality and stepped into a trippy, artsy wonderland. Here are
some snapshots of my little expedition. (by Emily Co)

The picture above proves the power of makeup—guys beware!

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The crazy chihuahua lady’s decked out ride


You know the crazy cat lady? Well, I think I found her chihuahua
counterpart outside a Tokyo pet store complete with a chihuahua mobile. Check out the
personalized decals of her chihuahuas pasted all over her car. The back
and the front seats of her car were fully occupied by very comfy
looking doggy beds. Lucky little yappers. (by Emily Co)

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Graphic doggy poop poster


It’s just a classic pick-up-after-your-dog poster, but one Osaka town decided to use a real pooping dog as its poster boy. If you look closely enough, you can see the little bit of poop that’s coming out. He looks humiliated. (by Emily Co)