Hiro Fujita’s plea to allow human trials for ALS @ TEDxTokyo

This is my friend from high school, Hiro. He has been living with ALS for a few years now. The last time I saw him in person, he was able to move a finger and speak. Not anymore. He speaks by typing into a computer by moving his eyes, with the help of his incredible network of friends and colleagues, some of whom appear in this video (shot at TEDxTokyo last month). Hiro has turned his fight into a successful campaign to raise awareness about ALS and to urge the medical field to allow human trials on people like him who are close to death and willing to risk it in order to place their bets on survival.

“My voice is louder now since ALS took it away.”

Yes, it is. And the world is listening. Love you Hiro!

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