The Tofu Festival, an event that helps you “break open”

If you’re in Tokyo on Tuesday, please join us for our The Tofu Festival, an afternoon of inspiring fun talks by our most creative, eccentric friends in Japan. Tomo and I are teaching a workshop on storytelling and design from 1pm, which you can sign up for here. Then, we’ll be joined by awesome human beings like Fumio Nanjo, the Director of the Mori Art Museum; Chiaki Hayashi, CEO of Loftwork; Sputniko! artist/performer/now a MIT Media Lab professor; and Novmichi Tosa of Maywa Denki.

The theme is 打開 (dakai) – the idea that you can break open and live life the way you want to, creatively, fully, and successfully.

See you there!

日本人として自分らしさを思い切り表現し、社会を尊重しながらも独自の世界観を切り開き、成功し続けるアーティスト、起業家らのスピーチ、ワークショップに参加し、共に「打開的」なクリエイティブ思考と体験を祝福しましょう! そして、当日参加できない方もビデオコンテストを通して参加する機会も!


13時 : ワークショップ
17時 : トークセッション


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