Dots and Lines, a live calligraphy – music – art event in SF next weekend

Hi guys! Long time no chat. As most of you who still visit this site have probably realized, I’ve taken a hiatus from writing full-time and have been building things in San Francisco and Cambridge, MA.

One project I’m working on:

Digital Garage is opening up a brand new coworking-incubator-event space in downtown San Francisco next month, and I’m hosting a pre-opening event in this space next Saturday, 10/26: a fabulous celebration of art, music, and technology at the intersection of Japan and the Bay Area called Dots and Lines.

Yes, that’s right. And that means:

– open bar sake cocktails all night
– live calligrapher Aoi Yamaguchi
– sound and light artist Christopher Willits
– a surprise cinematic installation from the MIT Media Lab

You should be there. It’s gonna be a blast and it’s Saturday night! Tickets are on sale here:

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