Oldest woman alive provides clues to longevity

Demographically, as a Japanese woman, I’m likely to live pretty much forever — average life expectancy of 87.

Longevity researchers have zeroed in on three characteristics that people who live a long time seem to share: a strong will, curiosity, and outgoingness. Pictured above is Misao Okawa, who is — at 115 years old — the oldest person alive right now. She’s a sweet old lady living in Osaka who fits two of the three characteristics — she’s strong-willed and curious but not very outgoing.


One thought on “Oldest woman alive provides clues to longevity

  1. She seems like a very gritty and determined person. I can’t imagine the things she must have seen after all these years, and all the changes in Japan throughout her life. I can’t say that I have any desire to live so long, but she seems to have done very well with it.