How to do radio calisthenics the right way

Every Japanese kid at some point in their lives has to do radio calisthenics exercises in the morning. Even though I didn’t go to a Japanese school, I stumbled upon this strange ritual at a local swimming school that my mom took me to for a few months in grade school.

I think this routine should be secret code for how to tell if someone is Japanese. You know, like a fraternity hand shake. I’ve also seen old Chinese people do a similar exercise routine early in the morning in parks all over San Francisco but cannot confirm that it’s the exact same thing. Anyone?

7 thoughts on “How to do radio calisthenics the right way

  1. I’ve only ever seen people doing tai chi — I can’t imagine that you’d confuse tai chi and these morning exercises, though sometimes people do generic stretches before or interspersed. 🙂
    I’m not sure about the timeline, but I suppose it’s possible that elderly Taiwanese people were exposed to something similar and might have brought it over.

  2. It would be really helpful if you could have all of the Radio Callisthenic exercises in spoken English. I am doing the first set which were recently televised on NHK World. Another possibility is getting NHK to televise all of the exercises. I am finding them to be very helpful in maintaining health and fitness. With my sincere thanks, Jo

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