Vintage 70s Yamamotoyama seaweed commercial

At the fantabulous wedding of a childhood friend last night, the topic at one point turned to a vintage Japanese commercial about a 300+ year old seaweed + tea manufacturer called Yamamotoyama. Do any of you remember this commercial?

It’s from the 70s. Below, an updated one from the 90s.

The catchy phrase that you hear in both is their tag line, which translates as: read it from the top and it’s Yamamotoyama. Read it from the bottom and it’s Yamamotoyama.

It’s a palindrome!

5 thoughts on “Vintage 70s Yamamotoyama seaweed commercial

  1. Funny, when I first read “Yamamotoyama”, all I could think of was the very immense and powerful megashira 9 wrestler Yamamotoyama Ryuta. (VERY BIG, with skinny legs. Mean oshidashi (as you might guess), but had a good yorikiri, too) He had to retire as an outcome of the match fixing scandal from a couple years back. I heard that he’s a nice guy personally, and likes cats. I think I recall seeing him wear a cute cat-themed yakuta in some press photos.

  2. For years I’ve been trying to find the Lipovitan D commercials where the two guys run up mountains and play tennis, etc.