The transformation of a gyaru


It takes me about five minutes to get ready to go out (little bit of makeup, quick hair fix)… I have a feeling this girl takes a little bit longer than that.

This transformation is slightly reminiscent of the time I watched my friend Alex (a guy) transform into a fabulous drag queen.

6 thoughts on “The transformation of a gyaru

  1. I could not believe it. I would not believe it until I saw it. Remarkable.
    Here’s another round of images of the same girl.
    Here’s a video of another girl showing her process.

    For me, it’s really the eyes that change everything in these transformations. I remember a girlfriend and her friend were looking at a magazine and talking about some glue that was popular, instead of the tape, a few years back. I have no idea which magazine, as Kanji and I aren’t friends. Just one of those everyday ‘look pretty’ magazines.

  2. The purpose of this build is:
    1, to a teammate roar buff.
    2, give the monster roar debuff.
    Three, use roar to rapid and anger.
    Four, then keep to blame group of still seismic waves.
    Left key skills: slam stun, actually this skill doesn’t matter, go up little time playing. Also dozen BOSS or some play blame, occasionally up under a few try his luck. diablo 3 items

  3. Right click on the skills: 15 anger waves, good damage plus group dominant. You will like the mage teammates, especially some narrow crossing, monster group has been not to.
    1, the earth trampled: it is the more anger rune, can not only in the key save his teammates, still can obtain more anger.
    2, bullying roar: in order to anger, at the same time reduce the monster damage by 20%. The 20% or obvious, as for rune, you can literally put, for the higher the reduced injury reduction in attack rate or minus move speed. In order to drop into the extra drop, but by the way, I think that 15% of the extra drop really pit dad.
    3 the patriarch call: the big recruit is shown to work with the elite teams. See ZaShou ideas quickly summoned brothers, this is my generation in their ways.
    4, battle cry: for his teammates and buff, is also to give back to their anger. Rune strengths, anyway is you of the team to the more powerful armed, the more successful you will be. diablo 3 items