A plastic banana case for your real banana

Screen Shot 2012-02-04 at 9.29.35 PM

You know, in case you’re carrying a banana in your bag and you don’t want it to get smashed. Found at Daiso, the new $1.50 Japanese superstore in SF Japantown, by Tomo.

6 thoughts on “A plastic banana case for your real banana

  1. I see these down at the Daiso stores in the south bay (San Jose and Cupertino) all the time, and *still* can’t look at them without cracking up.
    As an aside, we took at trip to Harajuku when I was in Tokyo last just to go to the Daiso there. I was impress — a 4-story 1-yen store! And it came in handy, as they had a great deal on hand warmers (we were there over New Years do really needed them).

  2. Aha! I always see these and have a giggle. However, today before I got on the train, I wanted to take a banana with me… but I feared bruising. And I left it behind, sadly.
    I have new hope in the world 🙂

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