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Gokiburi hoi hoi, a wonderful home for annoying cockroaches

January 9, 2012


I was on a work call with an editor in the UK today and he said one of two words he knew in Japanese was ゴキブリホイホイ (gokirubi hoi hoi). In case you don’t know what this very important word means, it’s actually the name of a popular cockroach-catching contraption that is shaped like a little house. The house has mysterious substances in it that lures cockroaches in through its doors; but once they enter, they get stuck on the sticky floor and can never get out and eventually die. We used to have one in our old house but I don’t remember seeing any immobilized cockroaches living in it.

You may not need a real gokiburi hoi hoi if you don’t have a roach problem, but you can get this lovely little keychain that looks like one — it even comes with a resident cockroach! — for just 600 yen here.