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Kim Jong Il is dead – bizarre mourning video + testimonial on successor from his former sushi chef

December 19, 2011

The Korean Central News Agency announced Kim Jong Il’s death on its web site today. The news was accompanied by this strange three-minute montage showing lots of people mourning, and one solo interview with a woman who works at the capital’s electric wire factory at the very end.

The dear leader will most likely be succeeded by his son Kim Jong-Un. We don’t know too much about him, except that he’s about 28 or 29 years old and he appeared to be KJI’s favorite son.

A snippet from the NY Times quotes the Kims’ Japanese sushi chef as follows:

“When Prince Jong-un shook hands with me, he fixed me with a vicious look,” Kim Jong-il’s former Japanese sushi chef wrote in a 2003 memoir describing his first encounter with the boy, then 7, dressed in a military uniform and known as a “prince” among his father’s aides. “I still cannot forget the look in his eyes. It seemed to say, ‘This is a despicable Japanese.’ “