Illustrator Yuko Shimizu’s new book = perfect for your artsy coffee table

Screen Shot 2011-11-14 at 5.57.20 PM

Yuko Shimizu is a super-talented illustrator who lives in NYC. Her self-titled monograph came out about a month ago, and is full of provocative surrealistic comic art drawn first with traditional calligraphy brushes, overlaid with digital color and background to look like graphic prints. Super cool. I first met Yuko when I was working on the Studio360 piece about women artists in Japan. She told me that she had always drawn erotic women, but didn’t realize she was a feminist until she came to the US for art school and her teachers asked her to analyze her own art for the first time. (The Western tendency to analyze is different from Japan, where it’s more common to simply appreciate the aesthetic value of a piece.)

Get it here!

3 thoughts on “Illustrator Yuko Shimizu’s new book = perfect for your artsy coffee table

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