Go climb Mt. Fuji, says Hiro, my friend who is living with ALS

A couple of weeks ago I linked to an article about my high school friend Hiro, who is living with ALS. Now he’s written his own thoughts down–an important message to enjoy movement, something he’s been stripped of.

Every morning, my helper comes to my apartment and helps me stretch out. He opens the windows, and while I am stretching, I can hear birds singing, cars driving by, kids playing on their way to school, people doing their laundry and such things.

In the past, I simply brushed this away as “noise.” But now, these “noises” mean something more. They represent movement — people and things moving — and movement is something I no longer have. ALS is taking that away from me.

If I had known what was to happen, I would have spent a lot more time feeling, seeing, inhaling and appreciating the world around me. So, I ask you to take a moment tomorrow to walk through the park and simply enjoy it. Look out for me; I’ll be the guy in the wheelchair, smiling.


3 thoughts on “Go climb Mt. Fuji, says Hiro, my friend who is living with ALS

  1. Watching a story on BS7 (I moved to Kagoshima Japan this year) about a Japanese woman living with ALS. Her first name is Maria, but I didn’t catch her last name. She was married to an American, and used to live in Trump Towers in NYC. It’s an interesting portrait of living with ALS.
    Your friend’s story has also inspired me, to someday soon, make the trip to Mt. Fuji, and climb it. Like my father before me, I want to take a picture at the top, like he did. It was his pictures of 1955 Ginza you posted about a few years ago.

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