TokyoMango readers: come to an amazing event I’m hosting in SF next Wednesday

As many of you know, I’ve been working on an amazing project called The Tofu Project over the last several months, where we’re bringing 10 of the most charismatic, world-changing Japanese entrepreneurs to the SF Bay area for a week of design thinking and creative brainstorming led by people at Google, Pixar, Adaptive Path, and IDEO. Well, they’re here–and we just had an amazing Day 1 (Empathy day) yesterday and are about to hit the streets of SF full force on Day 2 (Ideate) with visits to Pivotal Labs and Pixar, plus a very special Nonsense Toy workshop hosted by Maywa Denki, topped off by an epic toast dinner party in SOMA.


Most of the events are private or by invite only, but on the very last day, Nov 2, we’re opening it up to a select group of awesome folks who care about creativity, entrepreneurship, design, and Japan. As you can see we have some amazing speakers like Porter Gale, Matt Flannery, and Dave McClure, good food, fun workshops, plus a chance to meet the Tofu people. Did I tell you they’re amazing?

As TokyoMango readers, you are all invited! Email info (at) thetofuproject (dot) com for a discount code, we’re happy to give you one if you think you need it.

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